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Subject: Clarification sought on Microsoft XML patent #6,687,897

Reviewing the text of the patent here:
this would appear to be a patent that would cover
such items as xhtml containing Javascipt; xhtml that
contains SMIL, XSLT, SVG, SOAP, WSDL and other
such W3C specifications in tandem with our OASIS
specifications using scripts, such as ebXML and
BPEL scripts and more.
Has Microsoft made any official comment as to why
they applied for this patent and what their intention is
with it - and particularly how this may impact OASIS
If we can get some specifics would be excellent to
exactly clarify the intention as the patent itself has 
what appear to be broad claims.   Narrow these
down would help substantially in understanding
the scope of this award by the PTO.
Thanks, DW.

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