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Subject: Re: [chairs] need your comments on DocMgmt system requirements

If we used a text based format and CVS, we would get change logs, diff and merge functionality from the solution. In other words, if I worked on section 1.1, and you worked on section 2.2 concurrent to my modification of section 1.1, CVS would merge your change automatically.

On Feb 18, 2004, at 6:51 PM, Karl F. Best wrote:

Excellent comments, everyone. Keep 'em coming.

I see a consensus that we want a sandbox as a phase prior to checkin and version control, and a suggestion to use wiki for the sandbox. We will need to have access control too, to restrict this to the TC members.

I see a lot of pros-n-cons for using MSWord together with CVS in the second phase, especially as it relates to change control. We're not committed to CVS yet; that's just a popular suggestion. How would you feel about a requirement to do all of your documents in HTML or XML? i.e. no proprietary or binary formats. (Now there's a big can of worms to open :-) I'm not making any threats; just wondering if that might be a good way to go. Perhaps this would require OASIS providing tools for the TCs to use; we'd have to ask some vendors for contributions.

If we did use some text-based format (as above), would CVS provide us with change logs?


Matthew MacKenzie
Senior Architect
Intelligent Documents Business Unit
Adobe Systems Canada Inc.
506 869.0949

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