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chairs message

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Subject: RE: [chairs] latest draft of doc mgmt system requirements

> * Security
>     - Access control: check-in/out based on Kavi user authentication; 
> different permissions for public, TC members, 
> chair/secretary/editor, etc.
>     - Public has read rights for all documents
>     - TC members have read rights
>     - TC Chair, Secretary, and Editor have create, edit rights for 
> folders and create and checkin/out rights for documents in their 
> respective TC area
>     - Admin has admin rights (create, checkin/out, modify, 
> delete of all 
> folders and files)

I strongly suggest you use some kind of technology that lets the mapping of groups to specific capabilites to be adjusted administratively rather than "hardwired" into the code. (No, I am not saying you have to use XACML ;-) 

It is very unlikely that you will get it "exactly right" the first time and it is also possible it will need to change based on experience or alterations to the TC process. It shouldn't require programming changes to do this.


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