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Subject: note on Kavi status

TC Chairs:

I'm writing to let you know the status of various bug fixes and 
suggestions/requests for functionality upgrades to the Kavi 
collaborative tools. In the 14 months since we first rolled out the Kavi 
system we have received two sets of upgrades to the software from Kavi 
Corporation, from whom we have licensed this system. These upgrades 
addressed a number of reported bugs and also included a number of 
performance enhancements.

We are currently beta testing a software upgrade that we expect to have 
installed and running live on our servers within the next two or three 
months. This upgrade addresses a number of bugs and enhancements that 
have been high on our list for quite some time and requested by many of 
you, including the following:

* Sorting of TC rosters and meeting attendance rosters by membership 
role; i.e. the chair or secretary can sort the meeting attendance roster 
to list all Members together, all Observers together, etc.

* Better enforcement of the OASIS TC Process by forcing all documents, 
events, etc. to be shared.

* Better enforcement of the OASIS TC Process by attaching voting rights 
to a specific membership role; i.e. all Members will have voting rights, 
rather than having a separate checkbox on the roster which specifies 
whether Members can vote or not.

* Repeating events can be set up with arbitrary numbers of weeks; e.g. 
you can create a meeting that repeats every three weeks.

* All time zones will be supported for events rather than just a short list.

* Support for multi-byte text throughout the database, including e.g. in 
document names, group notes, etc.

The upgrade will also include some improvements in the user interface, 
system notifications, and various configuration options.

I'm quite pleased to see the above functionality finally provided. OASIS 
provides the Kavi system to our TCs to make it easier for the TCs to 
operate in a consistent and process-compliant manner. We hope that with 
the implementation of the above described enhancements, OASIS members 
and especially TC chairs will be able to make even better utilization of 
this member collaboration system to enhance their work on OASIS TCs.


Karl F. Best
Vice President, OASIS
office  +1 978.667.5115 x206     mobile +1 978.761.1648
karl.best@oasis-open.org      http://www.oasis-open.org

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