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chairs message

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Subject: Reporting Kavi TC Process Bugs

Pete, and Chairs,

I am pleased to report we are improving our bug tracking and reporting

In addition to the "wish list" discussions you have with Karl regarding
enhancements you need/like/want Kavi Groups (the TC support functionality,
we are also actively--and separately-- managing bugs and bug resolution.

Example: Yesterday, Pete observed a bug in the way Kavi sent ballot
reminders.  Today, that bug is fixed.

BUT, we can only fix what we know needs to be fixed.  As tempting as it is,
please do not ignore any bugs, do not assume they have been reported to
support@oasis-open.org, do not assume they will never be fixed.

When sending bug reports to support@oasis-open.org make certain your email
subject line describes the problem (not the initiating email thread or your
level of frustration over the problem), as that is used to track the report.

You will receive a series of messages from the support staff, including
report of your bug report as closed.

Remember, bugs not reported to support@oasis-open.org are not likely to be


Scott McGrath
Director Member Services

+ 1 978 667-5115 ext 202
+ 1 978-667-5114 fax

PO Box 455
630 Boston Rd
Billerica, MA  01821 USA

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