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Subject: New OASIS TC Descriptions

OASIS TC chairs:

OASIS will soon be making web site changes to enhance navigation and make it
easier for visitors to locate TCs by category (in addition to the current
alpha list), highlight our approved work, identify TCs involved in related
areas, and educate visitors on the breadth of OASIS development efforts. 

The first step in making that change is to standardize the way we describe
our TCs, i.e., the text that appears in the yellow box on each TC's
homepage. Originally, this text was copied by OASIS staff from TC charters
and, in some cases, updated or augmented later by TC chairs. Over time, some
of these descriptions have become quite lengthy, overly technical, and/or
filled with extraneous information (conference call instructions, etc.) As
we'll soon be using these TC descriptions in several locations on the OASIS
site, as well as in our datasheets, it's important that we move to maintain
a consistent level of detail and brevity.

On Tuesday, 19 Oct, the OASIS webmaster will replace the current yellow box
text with a succinct description targeted towards a generic audience. 

Please review the new description for your TC (attached). If you would like
to edit this description, please send your suggestions to me. Keep in mind,
the new description must be brief and targeted towards a general audience. A
more detailed and/or technical description of your work may still be used in
the body copy of the TC homepage (below the yellow box) and on your FAQ

If you would like to continue to use the text that currently appears in your
TC's yellow box, please copy it from the Kavi Public Description field and
paste it in the Group Notes field, so it will appear under the
'Announcements' subhead on the TC homepage. This must be done by Monday, 18
Oct, or it will be lost. Contact sharon.nuccio@oasis-open.org if you need
instructions for doing this.

In the future, if you find it necessary to update your TC's yellow box
description, please contact me directly, so we can be sure the change is
applied consistently throughout OASIS communications.

Thank you all for your cooperation on this very exciting project.

Best regards,

Carol Geyer
Director of Communications
Voice: +1.978.667.5115 x209


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