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Subject: Reminder: Q&A on new OASIS policies

REMINDER: first session tomorrow.


Karl F. Best wrote:
> OASIS TC chairs and secretaries:
> You're aware that the OASIS Board has been working on a new IPR Policy 
> and a revision of the TC Process. The IPR Policy was sent out for member 
> review a couple months ago, and I sent out a version of the TC Process 
> for member review on Monday (and there has been some discussion about 
> the latter on the chairs list).
> While there has been opportunity to submit formal comments to the Board, 
> we felt that you might also like the opportunity to discuss concerns and 
> have things clarified for you. OASIS staff is going to host some Q&A 
> sessions so that you can ask us questions and have clarified for you 
> some of your concerns.
> Please plan on attending any of these sessions:
> 21 Oct, Thursday @ 2-3pm ET
> 22 Oct, Friday @ 12-1pm ET
> 25 Oct, Monday @ 7-8am ET
> We've tried to schedule these sessions in a way that would allow people 
> in various time zones and meeting schedules to attend. If you can't make 
> any of these please let me know and we'll look into scheduling 
> additional sessions.
> For all of these sessions please call into the following number:
>        +1 319-643-7750 passcode 857415
> For each of these sessions we'll start out with short summaries of the 
> IPR Policy and TC Process, then spend the majority of the time in 
> Q&A/discussion.
> -Karl

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