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Subject: Re: [chairs] Re: Chair involvement in signup of TC members

     Hal, if you mean the one accessible from the main members page, that's 
because the member comment period is over, so we turned it off.   As with 
most of our lists, "off" means the archives persist, but no new messages 
can be submitted.  Am I thinking of the wrong list?  Regards Jamie

At 09:22 PM 12/5/2004, Hal Lockhart wrote:
>I can't seem to join the TC process comment list.
>I think the reason is that under the new IPR policy the Chair has to do a 
>lot ot tracking of exactly when various parties joined and left the TC, 
>for example to determine if an organization has incurred a Participant 
>Rich Thompson <richt2@us.ibm.com> wrote:
>As the TC process is reworked, I think it is important to make sure the 
>new processes have good reasons for every demand they place upon TC 
>Chairs. One case where I do not see a good reason is in the area of TC 
>Membership (lines 259-269). Unless there are identified reasons why a 
>chair might refuse to allow a person to join the TC in this capacity, why 
>is the TC Chair involved? I can understand that in the past the 
>collaboration tools required the Chairs deal with this, but why should 
>they going forward? I would suggest this section be rewritten to have the 
>collaboration tools that handle the Observer signup handle the gathering 
>of the Primary Representative's approval and automatically notify the TC 
>(& hence the Chair).
>Rich Thompson
>IBM T.J. Watson Research Center / Yorktown Heights, NY

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