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Subject: Re: [chairs] Simplified TC attendance rules

Jamie, two clarifications please...

On 10/08/05 20:36, James Bryce Clark wrote:

> Voting Member
> After the first Meeting of a TC, a Member shall gain voting rights at 
> the close of the second consecutive Meeting attended by the Member or 
> 60 days after the person becomes a Member, whichever comes first.

As the above reads, a new Member becomes a Voting Member after doing 
nothing for 60 days regardless of any standing rules in the TC. This 
leads to interesting situations in which people would be Voting Members 
for a span of two meetings (or two votes) two months after they join 
without being at all active. I suspect the "60 days" portion was 
intended to be specific to TCs that either do not meet (or vote) twice 
during that period or have the no-meeting standing rule. Could you help 
me understand the wording?

Separately, I am unsure it is possible under the new rules to become a 
Member with no intent to become a Voting Member. Recovering voting 
rights in a no-meeting TC requires an explicit request. Does gaining 
initial voting rights? (Perhaps not so separate after all.) For a TC 
with meetings, can a new Member identify themselves as "Non-Voting" and 
let Kavi and the Chair ignore their attendance?


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