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Subject: RE: [chairs] Simplified TC attendance rules

Hi Jamie,


I’d like to thank you for helping deal with this matter in an expeditious manner.  It’s good to see the organization listening to its members and working with them to make things operate more efficiently.  But I have a question.  


Is this change effective immediately? If not, what is the effective date of the new policy? It wasn’t quite clear from your message.  The last time changes were made to the process, there seemed to be a pretty formal process where the TC process committee submitted proposed text back to the board which edited and approved the new process on 23-Mar-05, and set the effective date of the new policy at 15-Apr-05. But that was a pretty major change to the process and I am not sure whether this change has already been approved by the board or whether it has to go back to them for approval.


Oh, and BTW… The old TC process (i.e. 2003 version) included ballot voting in the voting status rules of all TC’s. As of the 15-Apr-05 process, ballot votes now only count against status in TC’s that have a standing rule to “conduct business only by electronic ballot” (note the “only”).  I have assumed this to mean that if the TC uses BOTH meeting votes and electronic ballots, then if a Voting Member fails to cast an electronic ballot, it will have no impact on their voting status.  But, when setting up an online ballot, there is a box checked by default for whether the ballot is an “Official Ballot”.  I’ve been meaning to ask whether leaving this checked for our TC (which uses both meeting and online ballots), affects the voting status of members? Or should we always be unchecking this box?


And 2 nits re: electronic ballots:

1) on the ballot page, there is a typo: “Is this ballot is an official organization ballot?”; there is an extra “is”.

2) the help page for setting up a ballot does not describe the “Official Ballot” field.



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From: James Bryce Clark [mailto:jamie.clark@oasis-open.org]
Sent: Wednesday, August 10, 2005 11:36 PM
To: chairs@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [chairs] Simplified TC attendance rules


    After the 15 April 2005 TC Process revisions were posted, we received significant feedback from TC chairs and others that the revised rules for TC attendance in Section 2.4 -- which govern when voting rights are acquired and lost -- were not easy to administer.  We try to make only infrequent changes to the TC Process, but our Board of Directors took this feedback to heart and re-examined the rule.  At  their last meeting, they directed the Board's TC Process Committee to simplify the rule.  The new text is set out at the bottom if this message.  Note:

     -- A TC member who fails to attend may lose their *voting* rights as a result, but their *membership* does not expire due to absences. 
    --  Most felt that the "2 out of 3" and "3 out of 4" formulations we've discussed were easy to misinterpret.  So we built the revised rule around "2 consecutive meetings":  members will lose voting rights by missing 2 in a row, and regain them after attending 2 in a row. 
    -- A simple rule should be easier to administer.  This is important because we rely on volunteer TC chairs and secretaries to mind attendance.  Our next task will be to make the database-driven TC rosters and attendance tracking functions more user-friendly.
    -- We did also consider, but declined, giving TC chairs discretionary power to waive the attendance rules.  There were a range of opinions here.  More focused on the risk of inconsistent or inappropriate use of the waiver.  A person with a planned absence still can employ the leave of absence rules. 

    The Board delegated the power to change this rule to the TC Process Committee, so that we could amend immediately instead of waiting another month.  We enacted this change on Tuesday, effective immediately upon posting, and will post it to the [members] list and the official TC Process page shortly after this announcement to you.  Our thanks to the TC leaders and participants who flagged this issue for us and suggested solutions.  The revised test of the rule follows.  


2.4 TC Membership and Participation
    TC membership is per person, not per organization, and is not transferable from person to person.

    An Eligible Person may become an Observer of a TC by registering as an Observer using the electronic collaboration tools provided by OASIS. If the Eligible Person is an employee or designee of an OASIS member organization, the Primary Representative of that organization must be notified that the person has requested to become an Observer. The Observer is not a Member of the TC so has no attendance or participation requirements to maintain this status, other than to remain an Eligible Person.

    Any time after the first meeting, an Eligible Person shall become a Member of an existing TC by registering as a Member using the electronic collaboration tools provided by OASIS. If the Eligible Person is an employee or designee of an OASIS member organization, the Primary Representative of that organization must confirm to the Chair and to the TC Administrator that the person may become a Member of the TC. Upon receipt by the Chair of confirmation by the Primary Representative the Member may begin participating, but shall not have voting rights. A Member shall become eligible to vote in the TC when the requirements below are met.

Voting Member
    After the first Meeting of a TC, a Member shall gain voting rights at the close of the second consecutive Meeting attended by the Member or 60 days after the person becomes a Member, whichever comes first.
    A Voting Member must be active in a TC to maintain voting rights. In TCs that hold Meetings, a Voting Member who is absent from two consecutive Meetings (as recorded in the minutes) loses his or her voting rights at the end of the second Meeting missed. If a TC has adopted a standing rule to conduct business only by electronic ballot, without Meetings, then a Voting Member who fails to cast a ballot in two consecutive Specification Ballots loses his or her voting rights at the close of the second ballot missed.
    A Member who has lost his or her voting rights shall regain them for a TC that holds Meetings by attending two consecutive Meetings (as recorded in the minutes), thus regaining voting rights after the end of the second Meeting attended.  A Member of a TC that does not hold Meetings may regain voting rights by making a request to the chair(s) to regain them, effective 60 days after the request. 
    Voting Members who lose their voting rights remain Members of the TC. A warning may be sent to the Member by the Chair, but the loss of voting rights is not dependent on the warning.


Regards  Jamie

~   James Bryce Clark
~   Director, Standards Development, OASIS
~   jamie.clark@oasis-open.org

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