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Subject: RE: [chairs] Simplified TC attendance rules (mixing meetings and ballots)

    Rob asked a couple of questions, broken into separate posts here for threading.
* * * Oh, and BTW& The old TC process (i.e. 2003 version) included ballot voting in the voting status rules of all TCs. As of the 15-Apr-05 process, ballot votes now only count against status in TCs that have a standing rule to conduct business only by electronic ballot(note the only).  I have assumed this to mean that if the TC uses BOTH meeting votes and electronic ballots, then if a Voting Member fails to cast an electronic ballot, it will have no impact on their voting status.

    That's correct.  The version of the rule that counted both types of events, cumulatively, was correctly criticized as hard to administer.  So now we only count ballots for those TCs who choose NOT to meet (by standing rule).  The latter option gives widely dispersed and asynchronous TCs an alternative, but to invoke it for a period, they must make it clear to the TC (and us) by adopting a standing rule, which may itself be time-limited. 

 But, when setting up an online ballot, there is a box checked by default for whether the ballot is an Official Ballot.  Ive been meaning to ask whether leaving this checked for our TC (which uses both meeting and online ballots), affects the voting status of members? Or should we always be unchecking this box? * * *

   For the few TCs that have no meetings and thus count ballots -- that 'standing rule' minority -- the checkbox allows ballot initiators to distinguish routine administrative ballots (like "Date for next F2F") from specification ballots that *should* be counted for attendance purposes.  We now are working on updated tool settings and advice to chairs to support the rule change. 

    Thanks again for your feedback.  JBC.

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