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Subject: RE: [chairs] TC Teleconference Services questionnaire

I'll gladly fill this out for the UDDI TC. Please note that the cost of funding calls has not been an issue for the UDDI TC which has been composed over the course of its (short of) 3 years of operation from representatives from industry, academia and individual contributors from many parts of the world.
We've been running under an unwritten rule that industry will host the calls, and that any and all industry participants big/small need to contribute. This is not an entirely equitable approach but one that has worked for us and many others I suspect.

From: Scott McGrath [mailto:scott.mcgrath@oasis-open.org]
Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2006 12:14
To: Chairs@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: 'Barbara Erbes'
Subject: [chairs] TC Teleconference Services questionnaire



We’ve heard the dialogue on the Chairs list about the problems Committee teleconference costs pose for members – both for international participants who dial in and for member organizations who volunteer to host calls.


OASIS is investigating options for funding Committee conference calls out of member dues. We have conducted a preliminary analysis based on postings to our central events calendar, information from our member databases, and the service quotes of several service providers. This research indicates that the annual cost of providing fully internationalized services for every call of every Committee, could exceed 10% of our total operating budget (over 250,000 USD annually).


In light of the extraordinary costs involved, it is vital that we take the time to fully understand the expectations and circumstances of all our Committees, so that we might identify alternatives to manage costs while still addressing the majority of your needs.


To that end, we’re asking a representative of each OASIS Committee to spend five minutes answering the following 16 questions on teleconference usage. We appreciate that in many cases, the best you can offer is an educated guess. That’s fine. Any information you provide—even if it can’t be verified by detailed tracking or reports—will be helpful to us.


Only one reply per TC or Sub-Committee is needed, so please coordinate your responses with co-chairs and secretaries. 


Thank you in advance for your time,


Scott McGrath

Director Member Services



OASIS Committee Teleconference Requirements Questionnaire 

Committee Name:

(If you chair more than one Committee or Sub-Committee,  please fill out this questionnaire separately for each.)

About your teleconference use:

On average, how many teleconferences does your Committee hold each month?


How many minutes does your average teleconference last?


Approximately how many minutes was the longest call your Committee held in the past year?


About your teleconference callers:


How many callers typically participate in your teleconferences from:

_____ North America

_____ Europe




Do you believe the expense of international (country-to-country) calling is a limiting factor for OASIS Members to participate in the Committee you chair?

If so, can you cite specific examples?



About your existing teleconference support


Does a member of your Committee provide teleconference hosting?  If so, which member(s)?


If you are generally pleased with the service your Committee uses most frequently, can you tell us the name of the provider (and why you like them)?


If you are not pleased with the service your Committee uses, can you tell us the name of the provider (and why you are dissatisfied)?


Does the teleconference service provide toll-free IN-COUNTRY OR INTERNATIONAL TOLL-FREE? access in some areas?

Does your teleconference service provide local numbers in more than one country?


Can you offer any advice about other services you tried and discontinued?


About future teleconference use and support


Given your current situation and the impact to OASIS in doing so,  do you think OASIS should provide teleconference services, funded by member dues? 


If OASIS could provide only limited resources to solve the largest problems inhibiting member participation, what do you think reasonable bounds would be?


Indicate your acceptance of the following suggestions, on a scale of 1 to 5

(5 Meaning you would accept the idea, 1 being you would not accept the idea)


___OASIS would provide international service with in-country  dial-in for all Committees, all calls.

___OASIS would provide a local dial-in line for the country in which the majority of Committee members reside, others members pay their  international rates to dial-in.

___OASIS would continue to encourage member organizations to host Committee calls and covers the costs only when a Committee is unable to identify a host.

___OASIS would encourage Committees to use free conferencing services (such as freeconferencecall.com)

___OASIS would not provide any teleconference service that will have a budget impact



Any other comments or suggestions:







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