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Subject: TC Comment List SPAM (repost)

The Technology Services team appreciates the feedback received regarding our ongoing efforts to implement a permanent solution [1] to the problem of SPAM on the TC Comment Lists

Staff has put together a plan to use our mail server and mailing list software to filter the spam.  We'll be using our spamassassin and ClamAV tools to process and intercept spam before it hits the lists.  The comment-list web form will simply direct people to the email  subscription channel.  As  part of the plan, we've contracted a respected mail systems vendor (Inter7) to patch our installed  qmail system so that the subscription request confirmation emails can be efficiently logged .  We also just hired Neil Schelly, a very talented Sr. Systems Administrator, who will be spearheading all mail-related infrastructure issues going forward.   This is just the first phase of the
upgrades we are making to the TC Comment facility. We have plans to  implement further changes which will provide those wishing to submit comments with more options, while still implementing the requirements of our IPR Policy. 

I know people have suffered through the barrage of spam on the lists, and  so I want to reassure you that we are targeting the completion of this roll out with all haste and top priority.

[1] http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/chairs/200605/msg00043.html



Gregory S. Rundlett
Technology Services
"Advancing E-Business Standards Since 1993"
(978) 667-5115 x 205

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