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chairs message

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Subject: Re: [chairs] Anti-gen zapping XML attachments!

If the zip was posted, then it was not blocked by our spam/virus filters.  If 
it wasn't blocked, then you never would have received the error message 
saying to forward the problematic message to us for inspection/correction.

That said, we also don't use Microsoft Anti-Gen, or any Microsoft server 
products at all in our email delivery chain.  I'm assuming from the subject 
of your message that you received a message from Anti-Gen.  I would venture 
that perhaps your outgoing mail server does use Anti-Gen to scan outgoing 
messages and alerted you about a virus it thought you were sending.

Since you said the message posted anyway, the Anti-Gen system in place for 
your mail delivery apparently sent the message despite thinking it was a 
virus.  You may want to bring that to the attention of your mail 

Please feel free to forward any messages or errors you received and I'll be 
happy to look them over to confirm this theory.

Neil Schelly, Senior Systems Administrator
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