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Subject: Meeting to Discuss Party and Location harmonization between ACORD and OASIS


FYI. The initial discussion on this subject will be held today. Participants from ACORD are:
Frank Neugebauer, Asst. VP, Technology
Lloyd Chumbley, Asst VP, Standards
Kevin Schipani, Standards Architect
Alan Stitzer, Program Manager 

Details of the event:
Tuesday, 23 September
Time: 10:00pm-11:00pm (Sydney Time)
US Toll Free: (877) 326-2337
International: (303) 928-3232
PIN: 3852913

If you want to dial-in, please do so. I leave it to you. 

Agenda (setup by ACORD): 
1. What are our goals for this harmonization (i.e., why)? 
2. Approach - if we decide to harmonize Party and Location between ACORD and OASIS, how would we go about doing that (we have an idea)?
3. Next steps - something actionable. 

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