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Subject: RE: [clr-dev] Code List Lessons Learned / Problems Encountered

Relating to your second point, I implemented over 50 bi-lingual (English / Arabic) code lists for a government. Most codes were numeric, so the same code appeared in several lists. The genericode metadata disambiguates these.


Paul Spencer


From: Sall, Kenneth [mailto:SallK@saic-dc.com]
Sent: 07 December 2009 7:18 PM
To: clr-dev@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: [clr-dev] Code List Lessons Learned / Problems Encountered


Hello, all,


I’m participating in a NIEM-related code list tiger team. I’ve reviewed the CLR requirements from 2007 and the Genericode 1.0 specification that addresses the Version 1 requirements.


Our tiger team would be very interested in collecting any information (metrics, use cases, anecdotal comments, or simply opinions) of problems encountered and lessons learned in working with code lists that led to any of the CLR requirements. This is partially addressed in Section 2 of the spec (“What is a Code List?”) and in a presentation by Tony Coates. We are especially interested in systemic problems – a la root cause analysis.


Examples of the kind of problems we are interested in capturing (independent of Genericode):

n System A added an “unknown” code XYZ to a local copy of a standard code list without realizing that code was already in use.

n Code 123 appears in 2 related code lists, A and B, but the meaning is different each list, so metadata is needed to clarify the full context.


Thanks in advance for your insights and experiences.


Kenneth B.Sall

Data Architect / Sr. XML Data Analyst

202-261-9045 (office)

410-952-2076 (cell)




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