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Subject: Re: [clr-dev] Sample file of DDI controlled vocabularies

At 2011-04-08 19:46 +0200, Joachim Wackerow wrote:
>Regarding the embedded HTML documentation:
>The namespace "http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"; is used. The used HTML 
>tags could be just passed through by a stylesheet.

There was a fault in my stylesheets (over 13 months old!) that has 
gone undetected until using your files.  Your files have been very 
helpful in repairing the issue.

>I had a short look at the stylesheet you mentioned.

I have just posted the repaired versions of the stylesheets, now 
available here with today's date stamp:


>Attached is a draft version of a styleshee

Noting your exploiting of CSS styles, I've augmented Crane's 
stylesheets to allow a wrapper stylesheet to define HTML <head> 
content in the output.  You would now be able to write a DDI wrapper 
stylesheet defining the styles you need that are accessed from the 
embedded HTML found in the genericode or CVA files.  The stylesheet 
package includes examples of this for you to follow.

>I'll inform you, when the DDI controlled vocabularies are publicly available.

Excellent!  I look forward to finding the announcement.

Have you folks used CVA files yet in your work?

Thank you, again, Joachim, for reporting the problems you were having 
with the stylesheets and for posting your example.  I hope you find 
that the repaired versions will serve the code list community better.

Good luck in your project.

. . . . . . . . . . Ken

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