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Subject: Re: [cmis] empty multivalued properties

Thanks for SAP KM and JCR.

>The main reason to have it seems to be that you can make a multivalued property mandatory,
>and still allow it to be empty.

How is that different than optional multi-valued property with a choice list? (Beyond the basic optional -> mandatory property flag)

>It probably doesn't make a big difference in practice...
If it is not a big difference in practice, why should it be added and add to the complexity/cost of CMIS?

I try to use 80% as a filter - if 80% of repositories support it or if 80% of targeted applications on repositories require the functionality. Simplicity and ease of implementing (client and app) will be key to the success of this effort.


Al Brown
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Inactive hide details for Julian Reschke ---04/08/2009 01:47:28 PM---Florent Guillaume wrote:Julian Reschke ---04/08/2009 01:47:28 PM---Florent Guillaume wrote:


Julian Reschke <julian.reschke@greenbytes.de>


Florent Guillaume <fg@nuxeo.com>




04/08/2009 01:47 PM


Re: [cmis] empty multivalued properties

Florent Guillaume wrote:
> In most uses cases I have, an empty list can be modeled by having the
> property not set. This is enough for me, but I agree that the JCR model
> for instance is more complex than that.
> I guess many existing repositories just don't support empty lists as a
> different value than null.

Well, some do (such as SAP KM, predating JCR, and every conforming JCR
implementation). Some don't.

> There's no easy solution, one model is richer than the other.
> In any case I wouldn't want to see this be an optional behavior. The
> spec should specify one or the other.

I agree that JCR's behavior is harder to implement. The main reason to
have it seems to be that you can make a multivalued property mandatory,
and still allow it to be empty. It probably doesn't make a big
difference in practice...

Al Brown wrote:
> ...
> I'd like to keep this simple and unless the majority of repositories
> support not set, set: null/empty, and set: value. Right now CMIS does
> not have a notion of null only set and not set. I'd also like to
> understand better what set: null/empty means compared to not set.
> ...

Well, exactly what the JCR spec says (it's quite clear on that, methinks).

(Keep in mind that we're talking about multivalued properties only).

BR, Julian

<green/>bytes GmbH, Hafenweg 16, D-48155 Münster, Germany
Amtsgericht Münster: HRB5782

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