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Subject: Re: [cmis] empty multivalued properties

Al Brown wrote:
> Thanks for SAP KM and JCR.
>  >The main reason to have it seems to be that you can make a multivalued 
> property mandatory,
>  >and still allow it to be empty.
> How is that different than optional multi-valued property with a choice 
> list? (Beyond the basic optional -> mandatory property flag)
>  >It probably doesn't make a big difference in practice...
> If it is not a big difference in practice, why should it be added and 
> add to the complexity/cost of CMIS?
> I try to use 80% as a filter - if 80% of repositories support it or if 
> 80% of targeted applications on repositories require the functionality. 
> Simplicity and ease of implementing (client and app) will be key to the 
> success of this effort.
> ...

I personally do not care a lot about the feature itself. However it's 
unfortunate if it's a MUST in JCR, and a MUST NOT in CMIS.

If it's indeed the case that the majority of the stores can not persist 
empty lists, then the requirement shouldn't have been in JCR in the 
first place. But then, I don't recall that anybody has complained about 
it so far.

BR, Julian

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