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Subject: AW: Proposal to add Retention & Legal Hold Management capabilitiesto CMIS

Proposal to add Retention & Legal Hold Management capabilities to CMIS
For the next CMIS Version I'd like to propose an extension to the CMIS standard to support
. Retention management  (acceptance, enforcement, and inquiry of retention time information) for documents
. Legal hold management (managing information related to specific legal cases)

Use Case Description
In an ERP system documents are often related to a business object (e.g. attachments to a sales order business object). For those documents it must be assured that they are kept as long as the leading business object is kept. The ERP system calculates the time until when the business object and its related data has to be stored. The business application must be able to push this retention information to the used CMIS backend.

In case of a government investigation or audit which is related to a specific Business Object, it must be possible to protect all related data from being deleted (independent of the retention period). For this purpose it must be possible for a business application to set a legal hold on a CMIS object. 

As retention management and legal hold management will not be supported by all repositories, this feature should be added as an optional feature. A repository must be able to express if retention management and legal holds are supported.

One option to implement this feature would be using the policies API which is already available in CMIS. Via predefined policies like RetentionPolicy or LegalHoldPolicy it would be possible to add this 
feature even without changing the API.

Please let me know your thoughts about this proposal.
Thanks and regards,

Martin Hermes
SAP AG I SAP AG, Dietmar-Hopp-Allee 16, 69190 Walldorf, Germany

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