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Subject: Re: [codelist] Draft FAQ for Code List Representation TC

     Thanks Tony.  I am forwarding this to my colleague Carol Geyer
who is, among other things, our sharpest tool for public-facing
     See below regarding posting to the website.
     Kind regards  Jamie

Anthony B. Coates (Miley Watts) wrote:
> One of my TC set-up actions was to create the first entries for 
> the Code List Representation FAQ.  My draft of these is attached 
> (rename the ".zzz" extension to ".zip").  Feedback is very 
> welcome, especially questions you may have now which are likely 
> to be frequently asked. Thanks, Cheers, Tony.
> PS  In future, documents should be able to be posted to the TC's 
> 'Documents' page on the OASIS Web site.  However, this facility 
> doesn't appear to be enabled for this new TC as yet.

    Items that have been posted now, so I assume that you've found
this facility.  However, for the reference of others, I am posting a
separate message to this list with some pointers to technical info
on using the OASIS web tools.  JBC.

> --Anthony B. Coates Senior Partner Miley Watts LLP Experts In
> Data +44 (79) 0543 9026 Data standards participant: ISO 20022
> (ISO 15022 XML), ISO 19312, UN/CEFACT TMG, MDDL, FpML, UBL.

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