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Subject: FW: [coel] Meeting 2018-03-23



Partly to bring you up to date and we one question for you. In the last round of reviews of ‘non-material’ changes we discovered that we need some material changes, so we will be starting the PC cycle again in about a month. The changes are coming about as a result of implementation experience, do you have my support whenever you want to preach that sermon.


To this end, must we rename or working draft from WD03 to WD04 or can we start our PC with a later revision of WD03?


Dr. David Snelling
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Subject: [coel] Meeting 2018-03-23


Present: See roll.

We worked though Dave's propsal for COEL-198 and agreed changes to be uploaded later by Paul
We discussed COEL-197 which is now partly implemented through the changes we have made for COEL-198 and agreed on sequence to implement (see actions)

1. Dave Snelling to create some more meetings and forward to Matt.
2. Dave Snelling to ask Chet to clarify if we are still working on WD03
3. Paul to upload changes for COEL-198. Joss to take these, review, accept changes and then implement anything remaining in COEL-197.


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