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Subject: Re: [cti-stix] STIX 2.0 Roadmap

I agree with everyone else - this is great :-)

Coming from the CybOX perspective, it would be useful to identify which of these issues are applicable and/or are associated with CybOX as well. Off the top of my head, I would say:

#3 - Extend core constructs from a single base type
#4 - Abstract relationships as top-level constructs rather than embedded within other constructs
#5 - Make IDs required
#6 - Refine ID format to a non-QName form
#7 - Remove either embedded or referenced relationships
#8 - Simplify structure for controlled vocabularies
#9 - Consolidate different forms of indicator/observable composition


On 11/17/15, 5:17 AM, "Trey Darley" <cti-stix@lists.oasis-open.org on behalf of trey@soltra.com> wrote:

>On 13.11.2015 21:04:53, Barnum, Sean D. wrote:
>> Please let us know what you think.
>This is great work, Sean! You've pulled a lot of threads together
>neatly and succinctly. Thank you for doing this!!!
>Trey Darley
>Senior Security Engineer
>4DAA 0A88 34BC 27C9 FD2B  A97E D3C6 5C74 0FB7 E430
>Soltra | An FS-ISAC & DTCC Company
>"One size never fits all." --RFC 1925

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