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Subject: Re: [cti-taxii] Question about multiple trust group support


I could see a cloud TAXII server allowing short-lived on-the-fly channels to be setup, very similar to the way cloud based chat / IRC servers work today.  I could also see the person setting up the channel specifying a group password or some sort of auth-token to control who can join it, or even specifying a list of email address that are allowed to join it (think Slack auto-enroll).  



Bret Jordan CISSP
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On Sep 29, 2015, at 13:17, Jason Keirstead <Jason.Keirstead@ca.ibm.com> wrote:

RE the below:

    Realizing that these two people will NEED and WANT to create their own permissions to make sure only they can see each others CTI information.    This has two steps: 
I would assert this is not necessarily true. If there is a TAXII server in the cloud, and I am paying for access to it as a client - I would not expect that I have administrative control over that service and that I can make my own sharing channels. Rather I would just expect them to tell me what channel or channels to use, and I would use those. Those channels might be sourcing data from other internal data structures, the idea that I can always create them for every service doesn't make sense.

Jason Keirstead
Product Architect, Security Intelligence, IBM Security Systems
www.ibm.com/security | www.securityintelligence.com

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<graycol.gif>"Jordan, Bret" ---2015/09/29 02:49:17 PM---I do not disagree with you. And I can fully understand the desire for there to be a tear line / Chi

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Subject: Re: [cti-taxii] Question about multiple trust group support
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