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Subject: Draft CTI TC Kickoff Minutes

I have attached draft minutes from yesterday’s kick off call. Feel free to make any corrections. I may have missed or misrepresented a few things.


Below my signature, I have also pasted the full chat room log from soaphub.  







Jonathan O. Baker

J83D - Cyber Security Partnerships, Sharing, and Automation

The MITRE Corporation

Email: bakerj@mitre.org



Chat transcript from room: cti
2015-06-18 GMT-08:00
[06:24] anonymous111 asked for a victim, I choose... anonymous
[06:24] Room information was updated by: anonymous1111
[06:24] <place room="room" info="info" call-in="call-in" here="here"></place>
[06:24] anonymous111111 asks: null Magic 8-Ball says: My reply is no
[07:26] anonymous morphed into Jane Ginn
[07:36] anonymous morphed into Richard Struse - DHS CS
[07:59] Richard Struse - DHS CS morphed into Richard Struse - DHS Cyber
[08:24] -- Short-cuts -- /info [msg|-] - set/clear the room info message /mail address - send transcript to 'address'n/me text - send some action text /nick name - change your name /pwd <pwd> - change the room's password (/password too) /victim - pick a victim /8ball ... - ask the magic 8-ball a question ?attendees - display members that have been in the room ?help - display this text ?history - display all old messages (XMPP only) ?info - display the room info message ?members - display the current list of members ?q - display the current queue +q [names*] - add yourself (or names) to queue -q [names*] - remove yourself (or names) to queue
[08:59] anonymous morphed into Howard Staple - United Kingdom Cabinet Office
[09:00] anonymous2 morphed into Alastair Treharne
[09:01] Alastair Treharne morphed into Alastair Treharne - Cabinet Office
[09:01] Alastair Treharne - Cabinet Office morphed into Alastair Treharne - UK Cabinet Office
[09:01] Alastair Treharne - UK Cabinet Office morphed into Alastair Treharne - United Kingdom Cabinet Office
[09:05] Room information was updated by: Chet Ensign - OASIS
[09:05] Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) Technical Committee meeting
[09:11] anonymous morphed into Jessica Fitzgerald-McKay
[09:11] Jessica Fitzgerald-McKay morphed into Jessica Fitzgerald-McKay- DoD
[09:12] anonymous morphed into Jerome Athias - Individual
[09:13] Jerome Athias - Individual asked for a victim, I choose... Jon Baker - MITRE
[09:16] anonymous2 morphed into Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes
[09:19] anonymous2 morphed into Julian White - United Kingdom Cabinet Office
[09:20] anonymous2 morphed into Josh Poster - NCI
[09:21] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Hello
[09:22] Julian White - United Kingdom Cabinet Office: 'lo Bret
[09:23] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Nice to see you here, Julian.
[09:23] Jane Ginn morphed into Jane Ginn - CTIN
[09:24] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Hello Jane
[09:25] Howard Staple - United Kingdom Cabinet Office: Hello all
[09:25] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Hi Howard...
[09:26] Jerome Athias - Individual: Hello World
[09:28] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Hi Jerome... Nice to see today.
[09:28] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: s/see today/see you today/g
[09:30] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Hi Jessica, I do not think we have met yet...
[09:34] anonymous2 morphed into Sean Barnum
[09:34] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Hi Sean.
[09:34] Sean Barnum: I have morphed. :-)
[09:34] Sean Barnum: Hi Bret
[09:35] Sean Barnum morphed into Sean Barnum - MITRE
[09:36] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: He morphed again... :)
[09:36] Sean Barnum - MITRE: I am a xenomorph
[09:36] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: NICE
[09:36] Sean Barnum - MITRE: but don't call me Kaitlyn
[09:36] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Maybe you are really Morpheus
[09:38] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: I love the lack of authentication / verification of this site..
[09:39] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: One person could fire up several browsers and VMs and become all kinds of people.
[09:40] Sean Barnum - MITRE: I'll wait till we call for a vote to do that. ;-)
[09:40] Jerome Athias - Individual: "><ScRiPt>alert()</ScRiPt>
[09:40] test123 morphed into Aharon Chernin
[09:40] Aharon Chernin: testing testing
[09:40] Sean Barnum - MITRE: trying out injection attacks . LOL
[09:40] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Hi Aharon
[09:40] Aharon Chernin: hello world
[09:41] anonymous morphed into Alan Steer - TELUS
[09:41] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Hi Alan
[09:41] Alan Steer - TELUS: Hi folks.
[09:41] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: 19 minutes and counting
[09:43] Jon Baker - MITRE1: Reminder ... we are using lync for audio. The dial-in number for the meeting is: +1 (781) 271-2020 (US) +1 (703) 983-2020 (US) Conference ID: 7127861 We will use this (soaphub)room for all chat and speaker queuing.
[09:43] anonymous2 morphed into John Wunder
[09:43] anonymous morphed into FIRST Conference Room
[09:43] John Wunder morphed into John Wunder - MITRE
[09:43] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Hi John.
[09:44] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Good evening FIRST.
[09:44] anonymous morphed into Takahiro Kakumaru - NEC
[09:44] FIRST Conference Room: Hello
[09:44] FIRST Conference Room: Mark Davidson driving here
[09:45] FIRST Conference Room: I have Trey Darley and John Wunder in the room
[09:45] anonymous2 morphed into Trey Darley (Soltra)
[09:45] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Hi Trey
[09:45] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Hi Mark, nice to see you
[09:46] Jon Baker - MITRE1 morphed into Jon Baker - MITRE
[09:46] Jessica Fitzgerald-McKay- DoD: Hi, Bret. Sorry, I wandered away from this tab :)
[09:46] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: :)
[09:47] anonymous morphed into Jonathan Bush
[09:48] Aharon Chernin: hello trey
[09:48] Trey Darley (Soltra) : Hi, y'all
[09:49] anonymous211 asked for a victim, I choose... Chet Ensign - OASIS
[09:49] anonymous211111 asks: null Magic 8-Ball says: Concentrate and ask again
[09:49] FIRST Conference Room: I'm going to log out and back in as myself
[09:49] John Wunder - MITRE: Hey everyone
[09:49] Trey Darley (Soltra) : This Web app sucks and it also sucks on a phone
[09:49] anonymous3111 asked for a victim, I choose... anonymous21
[09:49] anonymous4111 asked for a victim, I choose... anonymous4
[09:49] anonymous4111111 asks: null Magic 8-Ball says: Yes - definitely
[09:49] anonymous3111111 asks: null Magic 8-Ball says: Ask again later
[09:49] FIRST Conference Room morphed into Mark Davidson
[09:49] Mark Davidson: oh, i can just change my name
[09:49] anonymous5111 asked for a victim, I choose... Josh Poster - NCI
[09:49] anonymous5111111 asks: null Magic 8-Ball says: Outlook not so good
[09:50] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Wow look at all the people that just joined..
[09:50] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: LOL
[09:50] Kevin Mangold (NIST): lots of anonymouses... anonymi?
[09:51] Sean Barnum - MITRE: anonymoose
[09:51] anonymous2 morphed into Brian Engle
[09:52] anonymous morphed into Ben Huguenin - JHU/APL
[09:52] Julian White - United Kingdom Cabinet Office: anomalies
[09:53] Mark Davidson: Are people not logged into soaphup going to be able to vote?
[09:53] Jonathan Bush morphed into Jonathan Bush (Soltra)
[09:53] anonymous morphed into Cindy Camacho
[09:53] anonymous morphed into Andrew Storms (New Context)
[09:53] Jon Baker - MITRE: @jane ginn - looks like you are signed in twice
[09:53] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: 7 minutes and counting
[09:54] Kevin Mangold (NIST)1 morphed into Kevin Mangold (NIST)
[09:54] Jane Ginn - CTIN: Thanks Jon...
[09:54] Kevin Mangold (NIST): @jon, also, if you refresh the page, you get a number added on to the end of your default name :-(
[09:54] anonymous2 morphed into Arvid Van Essche - IBM
[09:54] Kevin Mangold (NIST): is anything going to be displayed via lync/skype for business?
[09:54] anonymous morphed into Alex Pinto - Independent
[09:55] Alex Pinto - Independent morphed into Alex Pinto - Individual
[09:55] anonymous2 morphed into frank schaffa - ibm
[09:55] Alex Pinto - Individual: tap tap, is this thing on?
[09:55] Adam Cooper (Cabinet Office UK): Hi all
[09:55] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Hi Alex
[09:55] Sean Barnum - MITRE: haha. I hear you Alex
[09:55] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: and Adam
[09:56] Chet Ensign - OASIS: Arvid Van Essche - IBM - I do not see you on my roster. Did you join recently?
[09:56] Arvid Van Essche - IBM: I will be joining as an observer
[09:57] Jane Ginn - CTIN: Yes, we can hear you.
[09:57] Terry MacDonald (Individual): Hi All.
[09:57] Mark Davidson morphed into Mark Davidson - MITRE
[09:57] Chet Ensign - OASIS: Frank Schafffa - IBM - same question. I do not have you on the roster. Did you join recently?
[09:57] Terry MacDonald (Individual): 'Tis 3am here...
[09:57] anonymous4 morphed into Vishaal Hariprasad - Palo Alto Networks
[09:57] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Hi Terry!
[09:57] anonymous3 morphed into LauriK
[09:57] anonymous5 morphed into Pam Smith
[09:57] Arvid Van Essche - IBM: I have colleagues that will join the TC as a member
[09:57] anonymous1 morphed into Brady Cotton - Soltra
[09:57] anonymous6 morphed into Raymon van der Velde - Intelworks
[09:57] Chet Ensign - OASIS: Arvid, Frank can you go to the website and join now please. The meeting is only open to those officially on the roster. Thank you.
[09:58] Pam Smith morphed into Pam Smith - JHU/APL
[09:58] LauriK morphed into LauriK - NEC
[09:58] anonymous morphed into Michael (Soltra)
[09:58] anonymous1 morphed into Peter F Brown
[09:58] Arvid Van Essche - IBM: I joined the TC as an observer a while back (at the migration from the MITRE calls to the one here
[09:58] anonymous morphed into Atsushi Hayakawa - NEC
[09:59] LauriK - NEC morphed into LauriK - NEC obs.
[09:59] Arvid Van Essche - IBM: Chet, being an observer is not enough?
[09:59] Atsushi Hayakawa - NEC morphed into Atsushi Hayakawa - NEC obs.
[10:00] anonymous2 morphed into guy wertheim
[10:00] anonymous morphed into Igor Baikalov - Securonix
[10:00] Chet Ensign - OASIS: LauriK - NEC - what is your last name please? I do not see you on my copy of the roster.
[10:00] LauriK - NEC obs.: Lauri Korts-P??rn
[10:00] Jon Baker - MITRE: reminder... on the conference call, *6 to mute or unmute. everyone has been muted for the time being
[10:00] anonymous1 morphed into Peter Clarl - IBM
[10:01] Peter Clarl - IBM morphed into Peter Clark - IBM
[10:01] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Hi Peter
[10:01] Sean Barnum - MITRE: So, Terry. Are you staying up late or getting up early? ;-)
[10:01] Aharon Chernin: call is awfully quiet
[10:01] anonymous morphed into Daniel Riedel
[10:02] John Tolbert morphed into John Tolbert - Queralt
[10:02] David Laurance - JPMC: We've all been muted, maybe.
[10:02] anonymous1 morphed into Liron Schiff
[10:02] Terry MacDonald (Individual): Sean - neither. I went to bed early and are getting up late.
[10:02] anonymous2 morphed into Peter Allor - IBM
[10:02] Sean Barnum - MITRE: :-)
[10:02] Aharon Chernin: is maybe the call organizer muted
[10:02] Jon Baker - MITRE: yes all participants have been muted. press *6 to unmute
[10:02] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Nice to have you here Terry
[10:02] Chet Ensign - OASIS: Arvid, you must officially join the TC as an Observer. You may not attend the meeting if you have not offically gone to the web site and joined under the role you choose - MEmber or Observer. Sorry but that is OASIS rules.
[10:02] frank schaffa - ibm: @chet i'm on the roster as observer
[10:02] Daniel Riedel morphed into Daniel Riedel (New Context)
[10:02] Terry MacDonald (Individual): Thanks Mr Jordan :)
[10:03] Chet Ensign - OASIS: Frank, yes thanks. I found you.
[10:03] anonymous morphed into Ty Miller
[10:03] Arvid Van Essche - IBM: Chet I 'm an observer
[10:03] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: BTW, Eric Burger can not join this system. He is on the Lync chat though
[10:03] Arvid Van Essche - IBM: I have joined as an observer a while back
[10:04] Peter F Brown: *6 to unmute only works if the organizer unblocks the "mute audience" function
[10:04] Chet Ensign - OASIS: LauriK, have you joined the TC? I do not have you on my copy of the roster.
[10:04] Jon Baker - MITRE: should be all set now
[10:04] anonymous morphed into Alexander Foley
[10:04] Alexander Foley morphed into Alexander Foley - BofA
[10:05] Mark Davidson - MITRE: We have 10 in the room here in the Berlin room
[10:05] LauriK - NEC obs.: It might be that I haven't been registered. I'm in Berlin with Kakumaru from NEC.
[10:05] Aharon Chernin: Mr Foley
[10:05] Ty Miller morphed into Ty Miller - Threat Intelligence Pty Ltd
[10:05] anonymous morphed into Michael Butt - Soltra
[10:05] Chet Ensign - OASIS: Thanks Mark. Can you enter their names here so that I can mark them down as attending? Thanks.
[10:06] anonymous1 morphed into Jason Spies
[10:06] anonymous3 morphed into Robert Hutto
[10:06] anonymous2 morphed into David Waters
[10:06] anonymous4 morphed into Brandon Hanes
[10:06] Mark Davidson - MITRE: Rod Rasmussen from IID is here
[10:06] anonymous1 morphed into Paul Dion
[10:06] Mark Davidson - MITRE: He's trying to join
[10:06] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: @Chet, Eric Burger is on the call, but can not join this system as his firewall is blocking it.
[10:06] Mark Davidson - MITRE: I'm only going to list people not in soaphub
[10:06] Arvid Van Essche - IBM: Chet, I checked the OASIS website and I can find my name on the Roster (Observer). Can you confirm that everything is checking out?
[10:06] Jon Baker - MITRE: 105 people dialed into the call
[10:06] anonymous2 morphed into Gordon Hundley
[10:06] Mark Davidson - MITRE: Tomas Sander from HP also
[10:07] Sean Barnum - MITRE: Hey, everyone joining recently in this chat please change you handle to your name followed by your organization
[10:07] Paul Dion morphed into Paul Dion - Soltra
[10:07] Liron Schiff morphed into Liron Schiff - Comilion
[10:07] anonymous1 morphed into marlon
[10:07] anonymous2 morphed into Jeff Williams
[10:07] guy wertheim morphed into guy wertheim - comilion
[10:07] John Wunder - MITRE: Everyone else from the room is on SoapHub
[10:07] Chet Ensign - OASIS: Thanks Bret. I will mark Eric as present.
[10:07] Aharon Chernin morphed into Aharon Chernin (Soltra)
[10:07] Cindy Camacho morphed into Cindy Camacho (Soltra)
[10:07] Jeff Williams morphed into Jeff Williams- Dell SecureWorks
[10:08] anonymous1 morphed into Ryusuke Masuoka, Fujitsu
[10:08] Peter Allor - IBM: Rich or Carol or Chet, do you have a German number for toll free?
[10:08] Brandon Hanes morphed into Brandon Hanes - Soltra
[10:08] anonymous3 morphed into Tony Pham
[10:08] Gordon Hundley morphed into Gordon Hundley (DTCC)
[10:08] anonymous1 morphed into Brandon Hoffman
[10:08] anonymous4 morphed into Doug DePeppe CTIN
[10:08] Peter Allor - IBM: I was able to gain a polycom here in the "Rook" meeting room
[10:08] Robert Hutto morphed into Robert Hutto Soltra
[10:08] Peter F Brown morphed into Peter F Brown, Individual
[10:08] Jason Spies morphed into Jason Spies - ThreatConnect
[10:08] Trey Darley (Soltra) : Hi, Chet :-)
[10:08] Michael (Soltra) morphed into Michael Pepin (Soltra)
[10:09] Tony Pham morphed into Tony Pham (Bank of America)
[10:09] Ryusuke Masuoka, Fujitsu morphed into Ryusuke Masuoka - Fujitsu
[10:09] anonymous3 morphed into Aishwarya Asok
[10:09] anonymous morphed into Derek Northrope - Fujitsu
[10:09] anonymous1 morphed into Andy Pendergast - ThreatConnect
[10:09] anonymous morphed into Yogesh Mudgal
[10:09] Alex Pinto - Individual: hey, Andy!
[10:09] Richard Austin morphed into Richard Austin, HP
[10:09] anonymous5 morphed into Mona Magathan - US Bank
[10:09] anonymous4 morphed into Tomas Sander - HP
[10:09] Ali Khan Soltra: their is echo on the call
[10:09] marlon morphed into Marlon Taylor - DHS Cyber
[10:09] Jonathan Bush (Soltra): Loads of noise on the call.
[10:09] Aishwarya Asok morphed into Aishwarya Asok (SOLTRA)
[10:09] anonymous3 morphed into Tony Rutkowski
[10:09] Jonathan Bush (Soltra): Echo Echo Echo
[10:09] Andy Pendergast - ThreatConnect: Open Mic
[10:09] Yogesh Mudgal morphed into Yogesh Mudgal - Bloomberg
[10:09] Aishwarya Asok (SOLTRA) morphed into Aishwarya Asok (Soltra)
[10:09] Richard Struse - DHS Cyber: BERLIN - please mute
[10:09] Jonathan Bush (Soltra): Big noisy open mic.
[10:09] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: MUTE
[10:09] Raymon van der Velde - Intelworks: Guys please mute!
[10:10] Jonathan Bush (Soltra): Thank you.
[10:10] Ali Khan Soltra: thanks its gone
[10:10] Raymon van der Velde - Intelworks: pfew....
[10:10] Richard Struse - DHS Cyber: Thanks!
[10:10] anonymous: Jyoti Verma - Cisco Systems
[10:10] Chip Wickenden morphed into Chip Wickenden - Soltra
[10:10] anonymous1 morphed into Dee Schur
[10:10] anonymous5 morphed into Mark Angel - USBank
[10:10] anonymous morphed into Jyoti Verma
[10:10] Mark Davidson - MITRE: We have a menagerie of phones, computers with speakers, and whatnot in the room here. Please bear with us as we identify and remediate open mics
[10:10] Chet Ensign - OASIS: Arvid, you need to go to the TC's web page and click Join group. at https://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/cti/
[10:10] anonymous2 morphed into Dan Brown [DTCC]
[10:10] anonymous3 morphed into Jon Salwen
[10:10] Terry MacDonald (Individual): Wow this group is so large now!
[10:10] anonymous1 morphed into Bob Griffin
[10:10] Brandon Hanes - Soltra morphed into Brandon Hanes (Soltra)
[10:10] Terry MacDonald (Individual): Its awesome!
[10:10] Brian Engle morphed into Brian Engle - R-CISC
[10:10] anonymous morphed into Crystal Hayes (Boeing)
[10:10] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Yeah
[10:11] Tony Rutkowski morphed into Tony Rutkowski (Yaana)
[10:11] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: lots of people interested in this "thing"
[10:11] Jon Salwen1 morphed into Jon Salwen - MITRE
[10:11] Jyoti Verma morphed into Jyoti Verma (Cisco Systems)
[10:11] anonymous1 morphed into Elysa Jones
[10:12] Arvid Van Essche - IBM: Chet, I clicked the link > roster and my name IS on the list already Van Essche, Mr. Arvid IBM Observer
[10:12] Jon Baker - MITRE: Berlin does not have audio
[10:13] anonymous morphed into Nick Keuning - ThreatQuotient
[10:13] Jon Baker - MITRE: 113 on the conference call
[10:13] Chet Ensign - OASIS: Ah ok, thank you then. Sorry for the confusion. I didn't find you on the list I printed out yesterday. Again, sorry for the confusion, I'll mark you down.
[10:13] Elysa Jones morphed into Elysa Jones - Individual
[10:13] anonymous1 morphed into Greg Reaume (TELUS)
[10:13] Chet Ensign - OASIS: Nope, now I found you.
[10:13] Daniel Riedel (New Context): yes
[10:13] Terry MacDonald (Individual): Yes
[10:13] Jane Ginn - CTIN: Yes...we are hearing you.
[10:13] Gordon Hundley (DTCC): I can hear :)
[10:13] Terry MacDonald (Individual): we can hear you RIch
[10:13] John Wunder - MITRE: We are online in the FIRST room now
[10:13] Howard Staple - United Kingdom Cabinet Office: yep we can hear you in the UK
[10:14] anonymous4 morphed into Ron Williams, IBM
[10:14] anonymous2 morphed into Dave Crawford - Aetna
[10:14] anonymous1 morphed into Rutger Prins (Intelworks)
[10:14] Jeff Williams- Dell SecureWorks: I lost audio. Is this on my end or is the speaker muted or something else?
[10:14] Sean Barnum - MITRE: your end
[10:14] Raymon van der Velde - Intelworks: all good here
[10:14] Mark Davidson - MITRE: We still have audio
[10:14] Terry MacDonald (Individual): your end Jeff
[10:14] Brandon Hoffman: Audio over phone still working
[10:14] anonymous5 morphed into Chris Richardson IID
[10:14] anonymous4 morphed into Rod Rasmussen IID
[10:14] Jon Baker - MITRE: Berlin has audio
[10:14] anonymous6 morphed into Rory Koehein - Intelworks
[10:14] Jeff Williams- Dell SecureWorks: Ok, thanks.
[10:15] Jeff Williams- Dell SecureWorks: (hotel internet)
[10:15] anonymous3 morphed into Stephen Thompson - ASD
[10:15] Jane Ginn - CTIN: We are getting feedback.
[10:16] Ali Khan Soltra: echo
[10:16] anonymous3 morphed into Chris Koutras - DTCC
[10:16] anonymous2 morphed into Scott Algeier--National Council of ISACs
[10:16] anonymous1 morphed into Patrick Maroney
[10:17] Patrick Maroney morphed into Patrick Maroney - Integrated Networking Technologies, Inc.
[10:18] robin morphed into Robin Cover (OASIS)
[10:18] Brandon Hoffman morphed into Brandon Hoffman (Individual)
[10:18] Ali Khan Soltra morphed into Ali Khan - Soltra
[10:18] Mark Davidson - MITRE: The whole berlin room is on soaphub
[10:19] anonymous1 morphed into Mona Magathan - US Bank1
[10:19] anonymous2 morphed into Benjamin Yates (Soltra)
[10:19] David Waters morphed into David Waters (Soltra)
[10:19] Alan Steer - TELUS: Mike McLellan
[10:19] Sean Barnum - MITRE: Denise Anderson
[10:22] anonymous1 morphed into Joep Gommers
[10:22] Jon Baker - MITRE: Kyle S??
[10:22] Jon Baker - MITRE: Erik ??
[10:23] Private1434648207905642694|Jonathan Bush (Soltra)
[10:23] anonymous1 morphed into Hugh Njemanze
[10:24] anonymous morphed into David Darnell
[10:24] Mark Davidson - MITRE asked for a victim, I choose... Dan Brown [DTCC]
[10:24] Hugh Njemanze morphed into Hugh Njemanze (ThreatStream)
[10:24] anonymous1 morphed into Jeff Beekman@Soltra
[10:25] Terry MacDonald (Individual): Remember - if you don't have your company name after your name please click on the settings button and change your name.
[10:25] Joep Gommers morphed into Joep Gommers - Intelworks BV
[10:26] anonymous morphed into Johny Gau - Oracle
[10:26] anonymous1 morphed into Pavan Reddy
[10:26] Terry MacDonald (Individual): Yay us!
[10:26] David Darnell morphed into David Darnell (NAESB - Systrends)
[10:27] Pavan Reddy morphed into Pavan Reddy - Cisco
[10:28] Chris Richardson IID morphed into Chris Richardson, IID
[10:29] Peter F Brown, Individual: +1 Jonathan - I support having a co-chair but let's keep it simple to kick-off
[10:29] Ron Williams, IBM: Maybe the motion can be posted here?
[10:29] Jonathan Bush (Soltra): Easy to get more complicated later. Harder (if not impossible) to get simpler.
[10:29] Mark Davidson - MITRE: We're working on it
[10:30] Sean Barnum - MITRE: pat
[10:30] Jonathan Bush (Soltra): The motion is to have only 1 chair to start, and add a co-chair later.
[10:30] Sean Barnum - MITRE: It was Patrick
[10:30] Ron Williams, IBM: Thanx Jonathan
[10:30] Jonathan Bush (Soltra): Welcome.
[10:30] Mark Davidson - MITRE: lync is not understanding *6
[10:31] Johny Gau - Oracle morphed into Johnny Gau - Oracle
[10:31] Mark Davidson - MITRE: Trey Darley wanted to second the motion
[10:31] Mark Davidson - MITRE: i raised my hand for him
[10:31] Raymon van der Velde - Intelworks: Mark if you're using the GUI there is an icon lower left bottom
[10:31] Raymon van der Velde - Intelworks: to unmute
[10:32] Mark Davidson - MITRE: We are skyped in on Trey's phone
[10:32] Aharon Chernin (Soltra): we can always add a co-chair later if we need one
[10:32] Mark Davidson - MITRE: for audio
[10:33] Jon Baker - MITRE: *6 to unmute
[10:33] Mark Davidson - MITRE: We're gonna reconnect
[10:33] Kevin Mangold (NIST): The TC may need to find a new teleconference venue that handles muting a bit easier :-(
[10:34] Terry MacDonald (Individual): Good point Peter
[10:34] Aharon Chernin (Soltra): we could add a co-chair at any time
[10:35] Mark Davidson - MITRE: Trey's going to try and talk again
[10:35] Mark Davidson - MITRE: wait a sec
[10:35] Mark Davidson - MITRE: we're fighting with mutes
[10:35] Sean Barnum - MITRE: we heard you Trey
[10:35] Peter F Brown, Individual: In the email thread preceding the call, we did talk a little about the "political" sensitivities - that may drive the need for a co-chair, to ensure some balance - and we should keep this in mind as we go forward
[10:36] Doug DePeppe CTIN: So as not to appear to offend the chair, and to avoid stifling discussion about the need for a co-chair, perhaps it becomes part of the agenda for an initial period of time.
[10:36] David Darnell (NAESB - Systrends): I do not see an icon in lower left bottom to unmute
[10:36] Peter Allor - IBM: I concur with Peter Brown
[10:36] anonymous: Denise Anderson-agree with looking at adding co-chair in future
[10:36] anonymous1 morphed into JamieOASIS
[10:36] Jane Ginn - CTIN: David...Use the *6 functionality.
[10:36] Peter F Brown, Individual: @DavidD - the icon is on the GUI of the Lync/Skype client
[10:36] Terry MacDonald (Individual): if you don't have your company name after your name please click on the settings button and change your name.
[10:37] Terry MacDonald (Individual): That could split the team
[10:37] Peter Allor - IBM: we need to have a broad and international acceptance and a single chair has folks believing this is a DHS only approach
[10:37] Terry MacDonald (Individual): I would prefer to get up at 3am :)
[10:37] Peter Allor - IBM: I heard this from South American CERT's last night
[10:37] Doug DePeppe CTIN: I believe there's interest in global equities and public-private equities. This is perhaps driving the interest in co-chairs. But the point is right that we can add a co-chair later, and let's just put the topic on the agenda as a recurring matter.
[10:37] Ty Miller - Threat Intelligence Pty Ltd: 3am wake up not fun
[10:38] anonymous morphed into Denise Anderson-NCI
[10:38] Peter Allor - IBM: Objection
[10:39] Jonathan Bush (Soltra): Isn't this what the voting buttons are for?
[10:39] Jonathan Bush (Soltra): We will never get consensus with 100+ people.
[10:39] Terry MacDonald (Individual): i believe we only vote if there is an objection
[10:39] Alexander Foley - BofA: Did no one see Peter's objection?
[10:40] Jonathan Bush (Soltra): I saw it. :)
[10:41] Peter F Brown, Individual: Consensus!=unanimity ;-)
[10:41] Mark Davidson - MITRE: (Raising for Trey)
[10:41] Aharon Chernin (Soltra): Lets find in an international co-chair at another meeting
[10:41] Terry MacDonald (Individual): i agree with Aharon
[10:41] Peter F Brown, Individual: Agree with Peter Allor though - we need to be sensitive
[10:41] Jane Ginn - CTIN: I like Aharon's suggestion.
[10:42] Doug DePeppe CTIN: To address the optics, just put co-chair on the agenda for several future meetings.
[10:42] Cindy Camacho (Soltra): I like Aharon's suggestion as well.
[10:42] Terry MacDonald (Individual): I would be happy with Treys suggestion
[10:42] Kevin Mangold (NIST): +1 for Trey's suggestion
[10:42] Doug DePeppe CTIN: Because we're already bogging down.
[10:42] Mark Davidson - MITRE: Lots of head nodding in this room for that comment
[10:42] Alexander Foley - BofA: Agree with Aharon, agree with Trey
[10:43] Alex Pinto - Individual: +1 Trey
[10:43] Michael Pepin (Soltra): +1 Trey
[10:43] Peter Allor - IBM morphed into Pete Allor - IBM
[10:43] Peter F Brown, Individual: Can we *not* re-visit the question already approved (even if it was not unanimous) - "internationalizing" this project will be more, much more, than just having a co-chair
[10:43] Jane Ginn - CTIN: +1 on Trey's suggestion with a 3 Month Period so we do not loose momentum.
[10:44] Pete Allor - IBM: I like the idea of a 3 month period
[10:44] anonymous morphed into Dean Thompson (ANZ) - Company
[10:45] Peter F Brown, Individual: Let's not over-engineer either: the TC is sovereign: if it wants to look at this in one month; or not again for five years; it can so decide! ;-)
[10:45] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: No objection from me
[10:45] Pete Allor - IBM: no objection with the caveat
[10:45] Alexander Foley - BofA: Thank you for serving Rich!
[10:45] Tony Rutkowski (Yaana): clap clap
[10:45] Raymon van der Velde - Intelworks: Congrats Rich
[10:45] Dean Thompson (ANZ) - Company: No objections from me.
[10:46] anonymous morphed into Dan Wyschogrod
[10:46] anonymous1 morphed into Andy Schoka
[10:46] Aharon Chernin (Soltra): congrats
[10:46] Alex Pinto - Individual: yay
[10:46] Dean Thompson (ANZ) - Company: Congratulations Rich
[10:46] Andy Schoka morphed into Andy Schoka (Individual)
[10:47] Aharon Chernin (Soltra): +1 on out reach sub-committee
[10:47] Bar Lockwood, Individual: Whoops! Sorry about that. Typed in the wrong field!
[10:47] Dan Wyschogrod morphed into Dan Wyschogrod (BBN Technologies)
[10:47] Bar Lockwood, Individual: An outreach sub-committee is a good idea.
[10:49] Ali Khan - Soltra: +1 on outreach subcommittee - we need to advocate to get momentum on an international presence
[10:49] Robin Cover (OASIS) uploaded file: CTI-Agenda-Plan-06-18-15.ppt|857
[10:50] Aharon Chernin (Soltra): Let's get the chartered sub committees started first, then get us an out reach one
[10:51] Terry MacDonald (Individual): +1 Aharon
[10:53] Jane Ginn - CTIN: +1 Aharon
[10:54] Peter F Brown, Individual: +1
[10:59] Terry MacDonald (Individual): Chet, you're getting quieter and quieter
[11:03] Kevin Mangold (NIST): Scope and Charter is pretty much already set, whoever raised their hands.
[11:03] Peter F Brown, Individual: Role of "Persistent Non-Voting Member" is important for large TCs - if you want to contribute but: (a) can't commit to attending all/most meetings and (b) aren't bothered about have a vote - consider this role, it helps enormously the TC avoid gridlock by having a high (unachievable) quorum with high # of members but poorer attendance
[11:03] Kevin Mangold (NIST): sorry, misread that, you meant of the outreach SC, not the whole TC
[11:06] Jane Ginn - CTIN: Wiki is a good idea... But, would the existing info on GitHub be migrated to that?
[11:07] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: We already do that via GitHub
[11:07] Richard Struse - DHS Cyber: We are planning on continuing Github usage
[11:07] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: The GitHub issue tracker is as good if not better than JIRA
[11:07] Daniel Riedel (New Context): If we go down that route Confluence has been very useful as a wiki like interface
[11:07] Ali Khan - Soltra: +1 on using Github
[11:08] Alex Pinto - Individual: tbf, the less Atlassian the better
[11:08] Richard Struse - DHS Cyber: TC charter: https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/cti/charter.php
[11:12] Joep Gommers - Intelworks BV: tiny tiny comment: missing report construct in phase one description
[11:13] Adam Cooper (Cabinet Office UK): Sorry - I'm out of time... I'm sure my UK colleagues will update me on anything I miss
[11:13] Sean Barnum - MITRE: Report construct is part of STIX 1.2
[11:13] Joep Gommers - Intelworks BV: Exactly. Hence part of phase one, but missing from the vision. So no worries there, just a textual thing.
[11:14] Mark Davidson - MITRE: Trey would like his preference for GitHub wiki over the Confluence wiki to be known
[11:14] Michael Pepin (Soltra): Phase One Scope: - Specifications identified in Section (2)(h) (STIX 1.2
[11:14] Joep Gommers - Intelworks BV: "... Standardized representations will be developed for campaigns, threat actors, incidents, tactics techniques and procedures (TTPs), indicators, exploit targets, observables, and courses of action... "
[11:14] Sean Barnum - MITRE: I think Joep is just pointing out that it is not listed in the intro paragraphs for the charter.
[11:14] Joep Gommers - Intelworks BV: the paragraph before
[11:15] Sean Barnum - MITRE: LOL. that
[11:15] Joep Gommers - Intelworks BV: +1 Trey / Mark on Github
[11:15] Michael Pepin (Soltra): does this mean early ones are abandoned
[11:19] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: @Michael, that would be my guess
[11:19] Robin Cover (OASIS): Section 1 of the "Call for Participation" is formally the Charter
[11:20] Richard Struse - DHS Cyber: Earlier versions of the schemas will continue be available.
[11:23] Jon Baker - MITRE: we have discussed updating ramrod to facilitate the namespace changes and enable compatibility
[11:25] Joep Gommers - Intelworks BV: The sooner we have functioning subcommittees, the smoother these meetings can be!
[11:25] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: @Joep, yes
[11:25] Terry MacDonald (Individual): @Joep +1
[11:27] Terry MacDonald (Individual): Would prefer it done via online ballot so we can get to work
[11:27] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Can we at least setup the 3 main subs right now?
[11:27] Mark Davidson - MITRE: STIX Ramrod: https://github.com/STIXProject/stix-ramrod
[11:27] Terry MacDonald (Individual): Don't want to wait for a month until next meeting
[11:27] Robin Cover (OASIS): TC Process for setting up Subcommittes: https://www.oasis-open.org/policies-guidelines/tc-process#subcommittees
[11:28] Jon Salwen - MITRE: Can a sub-committee span across other sub-committees?
[11:28] Jonathan Bush (Soltra): I like what a lot of people are saying -- Let's get to work!
[11:28] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Can we take just another 10-15 minutes now, and do it right now?
[11:29] Raymon van der Velde - Intelworks: @Bret +1
[11:29] Dean Thompson (ANZ) - Company: @Bret +1
[11:29] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: I propose the creation of STIX and nominate Sean and Joep as co-chairs
[11:31] Dean Thompson (ANZ) - Company: I second Bret's proposal.
[11:31] Aharon Chernin (Soltra): a lot of us have meetings already scheduled all day, are we going to end on time?
[11:31] Patrick Maroney - Integrated Networking Technologies, Inc.: I nominate Chet? ;-)
[11:31] Howard Staple - United Kingdom Cabinet Office: sorry all, I am out of time and am dropping off.
[11:31] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: :(
[11:32] Joep Gommers - Intelworks BV: I'll also propose on the list some sub on compatibility (unless under Aharon's outreach). Thanks Bret, happy to contribute. Talk soon.
[11:33] Robin Cover (OASIS): FYI: Subcommittee purpose/function was clearly described here: https://www.oasis-open.org/committees/cti/charter.php#item-4
[11:33] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: I propose the creation of TAXII and will nominate Mark and myself as Co-chairs. :)
[11:34] Jonathan Bush (Soltra): +1 on Trey's motion.
[11:34] Ali Khan - Soltra: +1
[11:34] Peter F Brown, Individual: Meeting will adjourn automatically if there is no further business (according to Roberts Rules at least!)
[11:34] List of attendees: Adam Cooper (Cabinet Office UK), Aharon Chernin, Aharon Chernin (Soltra), Aishwarya Asok, Aishwarya Asok (SOLTRA), Aishwarya Asok (Soltra), Alan Steer - TELUS, Alastair Treharne, Alastair Treharne - Cabinet Office, Alastair Treharne - UK Cabinet Office, Alastair Treharne - United Kingdom Cabinet Office, Alex Pinto - Independent, Alex Pinto - Individual, Alexander Foley, Alexander Foley - BofA, Ali Khan - Soltra, Ali Khan Soltra, Andrew Storms (New Context), Andy Pendergast - ThreatConnect, Andy Schoka, Andy Schoka (Individual), Arvid Van Essche - IBM, Atsushi Hayakawa - NEC, Atsushi Hayakawa - NEC obs., Bar Lockwood, Individual, Ben Huguenin - JHU/APL, Benjamin Yates (Soltra), Bob Griffin, Brady Cotton - Soltra, Brandon Hanes, Brandon Hanes (Soltra), Brandon Hanes - Soltra, Brandon Hoffman, Brandon Hoffman (Individual), Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes, Brian Engle, Brian Engle - R-CISC, Chet Ensign - OASIS, Chip Wickenden, Chip Wickenden - Soltra, Chris Koutras - DTCC, Chris Richardson IID, Chris Richardson, IID, Cindy Camacho, Cindy Camacho (Soltra), Crystal Hayes (Boeing), Dan Brown [DTCC], Dan Wyschogrod, Dan Wyschogrod (BBN Technologies), Daniel Riedel, Daniel Riedel (New Context), Dave Crawford - Aetna, David Darnell , David Darnell (NAESB - Systrends), David Laurance - JPMC, David Waters, David Waters (Soltra), Dean Thompson (ANZ) - Company, Dee Schur, Denise Anderson-NCI, Derek Northrope - Fujitsu, Doug DePeppe CTIN, Elysa Jones, Elysa Jones - Individual, Erik, FIRST Conference Room, Gordon Hundley, Gordon Hundley (DTCC), Greg Reaume (TELUS), Howard Staple - United Kingdom Cabinet Office, Hugh Njemanze, Hugh Njemanze (ThreatStream), Igor Baikalov - Securonix, JamieClarkOASIS, JamieOASIS, Jane Ginn, Jane Ginn - CTIN, Jane Ginn - CTIN1, Jason Spies, Jason Spies - ThreatConnect, Jeff Beekman@Soltra, Jeff Williams, Jeff Williams- Dell SecureWorks, Jerome Athias - Individual, Jessica Fitzgerald-McKay, Jessica Fitzgerald-McKay- DoD, Joep Gommers, Joep Gommers - Intelworks BV, John Tolbert, John Tolbert - Queralt, John Wunder, John Wunder - MITRE, Johnny Gau - Oracle, Johny Gau - Oracle, Jon Baker - MITRE, Jon Baker - MITRE1, Jon Salwen, Jon Salwen - MITRE, Jon Salwen1, Jonathan Bush, Jonathan Bush (Soltra), Josh Poster - NCI, Julian White - United Kingdom Cabinet Office, Jyoti Verma, Jyoti Verma (Cisco Systems), Kevin Mangold (NIST), Kevin Mangold (NIST)1, Kyle S, LauriK, LauriK - NEC, LauriK - NEC obs., Liron Schiff, Liron Schiff - Comilion, Mark Angel - USBank, Mark Davidson, Mark Davidson - MITRE, Marlon Taylor - DHS Cyber, Michael (Soltra), Michael Butt - Soltra, Michael Pepin (Soltra), Mona Magathan - US Bank, Mona Magathan - US Bank1, Nick Keuning - ThreatQuotient, Nick Keuning - ThreatQuotient1, Pam Smith, Pam Smith - JHU/APL, Patrick Maroney, Patrick Maroney - Integrated Networking Technologies, Inc., Paul Dion, Paul Dion - Soltra, Pavan Reddy, Pavan Reddy - Cisco, Pete Allor - IBM, Peter Allor - IBM, Peter Clark - IBM, Peter Clarl - IBM, Peter F Brown, Peter F Brown, Individual, Raymon van der Velde - Intelworks, Richard Austin, Richard Austin, HP, Richard Struse - DHS CS, Richard Struse - DHS Cyber, Robert Hutto, Robert Hutto Soltra, Robin Cover (OASIS), Rod Rasmussen IID, Ron Williams, IBM, Rory Koehein - Intelworks, Rutger Prins (Intelworks), Ryusuke Masuoka - Fujitsu, Ryusuke Masuoka, Fujitsu, Scott Algeier--National Council of ISACs, Sean Barnum, Sean Barnum - MITRE, Stephen Thompson - ASD, Takahiro Kakumaru - NEC, Terry MacDonald (Individual), Tomas Sander - HP, Tony Pham, Tony Pham (Bank of America), Tony Rutkowski, Tony Rutkowski (Yaana), Trey Darley (Soltra) , Ty Miller, Ty Miller - Threat Intelligence Pty Ltd, Vishaal Hariprasad - Palo Alto Networks, Yogesh Mudgal, Yogesh Mudgal - Bloomberg, anonymous, anonymous1, anonymous11, anonymous111, anonymous1111, anonymous11111, anonymous111111, anonymous1111111, anonymous11111111, anonymous111111111, anonymous1111111111, anonymous11111111111, anonymous111111111111, anonymous2, anonymous21, anonymous211, anonymous2111, anonymous21111, anonymous211111, anonymous2111111, anonymous21111111, anonymous211111111, anonymous2111111111, anonymous21111111111, anonymous211111111111, anonymous3, anonymous31, anonymous311, anonymous3111, anonymous31111, anonymous311111, anonymous3111111, anonymous31111111, anonymous311111111, anonymous3111111111, anonymous4, anonymous41, anonymous411, anonymous4111, anonymous41111, anonymous411111, anonymous4111111, anonymous41111111, anonymous411111111, anonymous4111111111, anonymous41111111111, anonymous411111111111, anonymous4111111111111, anonymous5, anonymous51, anonymous511, anonymous5111, anonymous51111, anonymous511111, anonymous5111111, anonymous51111111, anonymous511111111, anonymous5111111111, anonymous51111111111, anonymous6, frank schaffa - ibm, guy wertheim, guy wertheim - comilion, marlon, robin, test123
[11:35] Terry MacDonald (Individual): Woo Hoo!
[11:35] Alexander Foley - BofA: <slow clap>
[11:35] Raymon van der Velde - Intelworks: Hoooray!
[11:35] Terry MacDonald (Individual): Congrats everyone!
[11:35] Alexander Foley - BofA: looking forward to doing this again soon
[11:35] David Laurance - JPMC: Wonderful, thanks
[11:35] Joep Gommers - Intelworks BV: :)!
[11:35] Raymon van der Velde - Intelworks: hehehe
[11:35] Ty Miller - Threat Intelligence Pty Ltd: Thanks
[11:35] Terry MacDonald (Individual): bed time
[11:35] Jyoti Verma (Cisco Systems): Thanks!
[11:35] Peter F Brown, Individual: Excellent start guys! Impressive with +100 people who stuck through the whole call
[11:35] Ali Khan - Soltra: thanks
[11:35] Bret Jordan - Blue Coat Systmes: Thanks Rich
[11:35] Daniel Riedel (New Context): Thanks
[11:35] Yogesh Mudgal - Bloomberg: Thanks!
[11:35] Mark Davidson - MITRE: Please choose your favorite dessert (1) Cake (2) Pie This is a single choice vote.
[11:35] Jonathan Bush (Soltra): Jonathan Bush (Soltra) voted for: Cake
[11:35] Daniel Riedel (New Context): Daniel Riedel (New Context) voted for: Cake
[11:35] Joep Gommers - Intelworks BV: Joep Gommers - Intelworks BV voted for: Cake
[11:35] Richard Struse - DHS Cyber: Richard Struse - DHS Cyber voted for: Pie - Blueberry
[11:35] Robin Cover (OASIS): Beer
[11:35] Pavan Reddy - Cisco: Pavan Reddy - Cisco voted for: Cake

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