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Subject: CTI Goals Discussion



During the TAXII Kick-off meeting, some goals were presented that (generally) represent the goals of the TAXII Subcommittee and the goals of TAXII. I’d like to offer them to the broader CTI TC, on behalf of the TAXII SC, as candidate goals. Here they are:


       Open, Collaborative, Fast

      This includes collaboration across SCs

       Solve what we know

       Investigate what we don’t know

       Plan For incremental Change

       Open door policy


As a note, I’ve modified “plan for change” slightly from the TAXII kick-off meeting. We are all discussing major revs of STIX/TAXII/CybOX; I think once the direction of those is set we all hope for incremental change and do not want to thrash on the core designs. Therefore, I added the word “incremental”.


We also have some goals for TAXII itself that are worth considering as broader goals for all CTI TC efforts. Here they are:



      Easy to implement and understand

       One way of doing things

      Reduce optionality

       Minimize resource usage

      Reduce size

      Only transmit what is necessary

       Scalable performance


The TAXII Subcommittee offers these to the broader CTI TC for adoption.


These are of course offered as proposed goals, and they can individually be accepted/modified/removed depending on the group’s opinions.


Thank you.


Mark Davidson


(781) 271-3703

Lead Cyber Security Engineer

The MITRE Corporation


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