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Subject: Re: [cti] Open Question to the CTI Community

As one who has been part of implementing the TAXII Java libraries let me throw a few cents on the table.

"(2) All of these combined somehow form an information repository (how things are racked, stacked, and found in the warehouse) and TAXII is the "Amazon"."

To me, TAXII is the interface into the "Amazon". It is the API, not the implementation. 
TAXII tries to solve two use cases:
  1. There needs to be CTI content flowing around between organizations. How do people define the streams that information flows through (publish), and how do they tap into the streams (subscribe)?
  2. There are repositories of CTI content. How do people find and get delivered that content? (query)
So TAXII is both the FedEx store/post office, and the library reference desk. Implementors determine what kind of trucks they want to use, and how to build their library, but TAXII provides a common entry point.

- Jasen.

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