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Subject: Re: F2F streaming link for Thursday

Hi, everybody -

Further information for those remotely participating, we’ll be firing up a conference bridge as soon as Rich finishes his opening remarks. From 09h15 EST onwards, you should be able to voice your input via the bridge. (This will be moderated, so please utilize the chat functionality in Bluejeans to raise your hand.)

The bridge number is +1/813.867.0898


On 14.01.2016, 08:45, "Trey Darley" <trey@soltra.com> wrote:

>Hi, y’all -
>For those of you wishing to participate remotely, you can follow the live stream here [0]. This is a best-effort so there will probably be issues at some point; it’s our first OASIS CTI F2F and our first time at this facility.
>Please, if you have issues, reach out to me privately instead of pinging the entire list!
>[0]: http://bluejeans.com/5369811039

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