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Subject: Re: [cti] Re: Common CybOX Object Refactoring

Kirillov, Ivan A. wrote this message on Mon, Feb 22, 2016 at 15:36 +0000:
> File Object
>      *   Proposal: https://github.com/CybOXProject/schemas/wiki/CybOX-3.0:-File-Object-Refactoring
>      *   Open questions:

I was reviewing this, and hit the FileMismatchEnum part...  What do
you do when you have a file that is a PNG w/ a ZIP file added at the
end...  no mater which mime-type you pick, image/png or
application/zip, there will be a mismatch... and it'll mismatch on all
three: magic, extension and type..

>         *   Are there any additional properties that belong in the base set of properties or basic set of file system properties?
>            *   Current consensus: no additional properties have been raised.
>         *   Which default extensions should be included with the Object?
>            *   Current proposed list:
>               *   File Metadata
>               *   EXT3 File

We should probably not name this EXT3FileExtension, because that means
that UFS file systems "can't" use it, or it give misleading
information...  It could possibly be renamed UFS, as EXT was inspired
UFS, though I'm open to other suggestions...

There is also no support for extended attributes...  This should
be added, as MacOSX makes heavy use of extended attributes to
record information like where a file was downloaded from, and if it
is allowed to be open w/o a security warning or not...

I would say that the field name for the hash type should not be named
type, otherwise it could be confused w/ the TLO type field.  Maybe
algo instead of type?


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