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Subject: Call for agenda topics for 3/22 CTI TC working session


I would like to issue a call for agenda topics for tomorrow. Please respond to me directly and I will collect them.

Here is my initial set:
  • Reports from versioning, patterning, and sightings
    • Current state? Done? Blocked?
  • CTI Document Organization
    • John W – would you like some time to discuss your slide deck you sent to the list?
  • Reminder to vote in the CTI Common ballot (Closes at noon ET)
  • Will there be anyone on the call representing the DFAX community and who can speak to the claims being made by DFAX members on the list?
  • Current state of working draft documents – they have moved around a bit and quick update might be useful for people who haven’t tracked it 100%.
Last meeting there were a couple comments that the meeting was a little too “status-y”. I would like to attempt to address those comments by 1) prioritizing discussion topics (the above list is not prioritized, I am waiting for input before prioritizing) and 2) requesting that any status updated be made as quickly and efficiently as possible (~2 sentences, key points only).

Please let me know if you have any topics you’d like to add – my ideal situation is that some of my initial list falls off the agenda because there are a bunch of great suggestions from the group. 

Thank you.

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