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Subject: Agenda for 7/26 working call



For the first time in awhile, we’re going to split the working call today between STIX and TAXII. While we don’t want to lose any momentum on STIX, we do need to be thinking about what needs to be done on TAXII.


On the STIX side, we’ll cover a few topics, taking up to 30 minutes:

-          Language in custom properties section

-          Empty lists on required and optional fields

-          Observed Data and CybOX


TAXII will talk about their current drafts for the other 30 minutes.


We have many other topics to talk about on the STIX side, so I’m going to schedule a 2 hour working session this week. Just to throw something out there, let’s tentatively plan for tomorrow (Wednesday) from 11-1pm eastern time. I’ll wait until we have the call to schedule it so we can find a new time if it’s bad for a lot of people.


The topics we have so far:


-          Continue whatever we didn’t get to today

-          Review Observed Data and CybOX

-          MAEC

-          Intrusion set options – esp. if Gary can make it

-          Campaign/Intrusion Set/Actor attributes for first_seen and origin/nationality (as brought up in Allan’s comments)

-          Review required fields


As a quick status update on the drafts, we’ve received a bunch of great comments over the weekend and into this week. We’ve been working very hard to incorporate all of them in but it does take some time, and so we weren’t able to finish up yesterday in order to release the new draft. We’re hoping to be able to release draft2 later tonight, containing updates for the comments made to date (plus whatever we resolve on the working call today).



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