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Subject: STIX 2.0-draft2



We’ve received a number of great comments over the past week, thanks everyone for reviewing the documents!


We know we still have a bit more work to do (and you’ll notice comments saying that in the documents) but in order to make sure everyone is reviewing the latest and greatest we decided that now would be a good time to release draft2. The attached Word documents are a direct export from the Google Docs as of 5:45pm eastern time today. Depending on how quickly we’re able to make changes we do expect to release a draft 3, in particular after incorporating the changes discussed on tomorrow’s working call.


As a reminder, the best ways to provide feedback are:


·         If you’re making simple text suggestions, improving descriptions, etc. the best place to make those suggestions is in Google Docs (links below). If you don’t have access to Google Docs, want to do it offline, or want to pass it to a colleague who doesn’t have Google Docs, the Word documents are the next best way to provide these text updates. Lastly, if that doesn’t work, text updates can be sent directly to the editors (myself and Bret Jordan) over e-mail.

·         If you’re making suggestions or changes to the way STIX works, especially major changes (i.e. you want to remove an object) then it probably needs to be discussed as a community and the best place to bring it up is the mailing list or on a working call. If we notice anything we can also direct it there as well, so commenting in Google Docs or the Word documents is also fine.


PS: Last time I provided PDF exports, but they appear to be corrupt. If anybody wants PDFs let me know and I can try to track it down.


STIX Core: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HJqhvzO35h62gQGPvghVRIAtQrZn3_J__0UcDAj-NXY/edit#

STIX Common: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F1c05GgYaJFV1Z04B8c_T3vEE-LRQTPExF24LvOQAsk/edit#



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