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Subject: Action Requested: OASIS CTI TC Standards - Supporter Registration

This is a follow-up request to all OASIS CTI TC Members and Open Community Supporters to help ensure our “Registry of CTI TC Standards – Supporters, Products, and Open Source Projects” is complete and accurate.  This registration process seeks to collect and publish information on existing and emerging OASIS TC capabilities from all stakeholders in the Public, Private. Academia/Research, and Open Sources Communities.


The latest published versions of this information can be found on the public OASIS CTI TC Interoperability Subcommittee Wiki Page.


Subcommittee Wiki - https://wiki.oasis-open.org/cti/cti-interoperability



Actions Requested:


(1)  Please Review:


Please provide any comments directly to me, NOT the List


Products:              https://wiki.oasis-open.org/cti/Products

Open Source :      https://wiki.oasis-open.org/cti/Open%20Source%20Projects



(2)   Please Register or Update:


CTI Supporters Registration  - https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/oasis-cti-tc-supporter-registration


This form is used to collect or update information about supporters of the OASIS CTI TC SC (STIX/CybOX/TAXII) Standards Development processes and related activities.

The registration survey is broken down into the following sections:


(Section 1) "Organizational Contact Information".


(Section 2) "Consumers & Producers" - Consumers & Producers of OASIS CTI TC based Intelligence.


(Section 3) "Commercial Products" - Vendors who produce a commercial OASIS CTI TC based Intelligence product or service.


(Section 4) "Open Source Projects" - Those managing Open Source OASIS CTI TC based Software Projects.


(Section 5) "Future Supporters" - Those not currently using or producing an OASIS CTI TC based Intelligence product or service that wish to register support for the OASIS CTI TC objectives and related initiatives.


(Section 6) "OASIS CTI TC Resources and Membership" - Publicly available links to OASIS CTI TC Resources and information on how to join OASIS and the OASIS CTI TC.


(Section7) "General Comments" - Please use "Comments" sections included with Questions and the "General Comments" section at the end of the survey to provide any other relevant information. Suggestions for improving the Survey itself are welcomed.




(1)     Only responses to Section 1 are required.  All other Sections are optional.


(2)     You DO NOT need to be an OASIS Member to register your support, products, Open Source projects, etc


We will however encourage you to join OASIS and the CTI TC !!!     ;-)


(3)     The new Registration process collects a lot more meta-data about the Community than the legacy “Supporters Page”.

a.       We have a number of Charts and Graphs based on these metrics under development

b.       These Charts and Graphs will be published on the OASIS CTI TC Interoperability Subcommittee Wiki Pages when ready.


(4)     Submissions to the Legacy Supporters Page have been merged with new supporter registrations.


(5)     Legacy Submitters:

a.       Please review prior submissions and comment (directly to me) as required.

b.       Please consider submitting a complete new registration with the new optional meta-data


(6)     The “CTI TC Supporters Contacts” page is still being worked.  We presume the Organization and Product URLs you provide will include references/links to public facing Contact Data.  If not, we can add these to your Description Section. Please send the Text you want inserted (with the URL) in your Registration, Registration Update, or directly to me.


(7)     Python Data Mining  scripts are under development to automagically collect details (via Github API) on all STIX, CybOX, TAXII, MAEC related public Github Projects/Repositiories . The details on there Open Source projects and related metrics  collected from these scripts will eventually be published on the  Open Source Projects Wiki pages.



(8)     Please feel free to Test the Survey…




a.       Please state clearly in the Comments that it is a test submission.

b.       Please provide your real contact information.

c.       Please do not submit garbage -  we will start blocking IPs from companies/contacts like “asdasdasdasdasdasd” (you know who you are, so do we… ;-)



Remember:  Please provide any and all comments, questions, etc. directly to me, NOT the Lists!



Patrick Maroney

Office:  (856)983-0001

Cell:      (609)841-5104




Integrated Networking Technologies, Inc.

PO Box 569

Marlton, NJ 08053

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