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Subject: TAXII


On the working call today, we had two presentations about possible additions / changes / modifications to the current TAXII RC 1 specification.  The first presentation was from EclecticIQ on the possible use of JSON-API.  The second presentation was from Cisco on the use of XMPP-Grid.  At a minimum, I would like this community to use these presentations as a sanity check for what we have done. 

Call to action: As a member of this open community, if you are in support of either of these technologies, or would like the TAXII Community to focus more time on either of them, please speak up.  If you have questions about what these technologies would mean for TAXII, please ask here on the email list and we will defer to either EclecticIQ or Cisco to answer. 

With all suggestions, it is up to the sponsor of that idea to gather support, drive the discussion, and help write any and all normative text that would support it.

As a reminder, the current TAXII specification is nearing completing.  So if we need to adopt or change anything based on these presentations, we really need this community to identify that within the next week.  


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