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Subject: STIX 2.1 WD03


The editors have finished resolving all comments and suggestions that were received during the Working Draft 02 review period. We are pleased to release Working Draft 03 for your review. Note, the only change from WD02 was the properties on Observed Data were reverted back to "required". We will continue the discussion about moving them to "optional" in the CSD02 release train.

The WD03 review period will last for one week, starting today, and ending on Wednesday 12th 2018 end-of-day. Please help us be reviewing these documents and providing any comments and suggestions either via email or in the Google Docs.  

If no substantive comments or suggestions are received, or if the suggestions can be delayed for the next CSD release train the editors will plan on making an official motion a week from tomorrow that STIX 2.1 Working Draft 03 be moved to our first Committee Specification Draft for 2.1. Then on Friday the 14th we will plan on opening the STIX 2.1 CSD01 ballot and the TAXII 2.1 CSD01 ballot for a two week ballot period. 

The attached zip files includes all 5 parts in both Word and PDF form.

[jordan]:~/Desktop-> shasum STIX\ 2.1-WD03.zip 
5ec175473001622c2ae2fbcdda899552503c9d5c  STIX 2.1-WD03.zip


Attachment: STIX 2.1-WD03.zip
Description: STIX 2.1-WD03.zip

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