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Subject: Re: [EXT] [cti] Working call agenda 10/30/28

One thing that is implicit in this email is that observed data needs to change to address a lot of use cases.  

What is being discussed is how best to do that.  Each has their pro and con.  We are also trying to ensure that we do not add a temporary fix that we have to revisit again in 6-12 months.  


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On Oct 30, 2018, at 6:49 AM, Kelley, Sarah E. <skelley@mitre.org> wrote:



Today on the working call weâll be discussing the 1` option that discussed at the F2F in NYC. For those not in attendance, there was a proposal to redesign the STIX data model and make observables top level objects (known as option 1`). A second proposal was made to just modify observed data and use that instead (option 7). The two options have been modeled here: (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1puPuKVWNSelrWH05yu9It99OuqQGdYo_Et0nmZKAZz8/edit) for various use cases.


Please join us to  make this conversation productive and successful.




Sarah Kelley

Lead Cybersecurity Engineer, T8B2

Defensive Operations

The MITRE Corporation





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