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Subject: Changing the SEPs license from BSD3 to Apache 2.0 (finally!)

Hey, y'all -

As you've each committed to the SEPs GitHub repository [1] I need you
to reply to this mail explicity giving your approval to switch the
license from BSD3 to Apache 2.0. (If for some reason you refuse, then
I will have no choice but to remove all of your contributions.)

Please keep the TC list in copy so this is on public record.

On a side note, there are two open pull requests apart from
y'all. I've requested those folks to execute an OASIS Contributor
License Agreement and to put a written comment on their pull request
approving the license change.

Sincere apologies for the ridiculous latency on this, everybody. Turns
out working for a national CERT can be hectic - who knew?!?! Â\_(ã)_/Â
I'll do my utmost to stay on top of this from now on.

[1]: https://github.com/oasis-open/cti-sep-repository

Trey Darley
CTI Strategist, CERT.be
Centre for Cyber Security Belgium
Mail: trey.darley@cert.be
GPG: CA5B 29E4 937E 151E 2550  6607 AE9A 7FF2 8000 0E4E
Under the authority of the Prime Minister
Wetstraat 16 - 1000 Brussels - Belgium
Visiting address : Rue Ducale 4 â 1000 Brussels â Belgium
Contact: https://www.cert.be

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