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Subject: Outcome of meeting on hashes

There was a meeting on August 6, 2019 to discuss the hashes problem. Possible solutions discussed included:
1) Do nothing
2) Add some clarifying text
3) Create a mini-hashes vocab
4) Instead of saying that a property uses the hashes vocab, call out the hashes that are valid for that property.

Attendees included Bret J., Alex A., Allan T., Chris L., Chris O'B., Christian H., David G., Ivan K., Oscar, Rich P., Robert K., Emily R.

During the meeting there was a straw poll taken, which resulted in a 9-2 consensus to do nothing for 2.1 and re-address the issue in a future revision. The problem was acknowledged, but the majority felt that implementers would interpret it the same way as the spec intended.

Emily Ratliff
STSM, Security Architect
Office of the CTO
1 512 653 1052 Mobile
1 512 286 9947 Office
IBM Security

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