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Subject: STIX 2.1 CSD02 Sponsorship?



Now that STIX 2.1 CSD02 is out the door, we can begin the sponsorship process. However, one of the questions that we (MITRE/DHS) have is with regards to the âtypeâ of sponsorship expected for each item â âfullâ (code + interop text) or just working code. If you recall from the last sponsorship period, certain things like confidence only required working code while others such as the Opinion & Note objects required interop text as well.


Hereâs the list of items for sponsorship, along with my own thoughts as to the type of sponsorship:


  • COA: full
  • Grouping: full
  • Infrastructure: full
  • Malware: full
  • Malware Analysis: full
  • SCOs as top-level objects: full â however, the level of detail on this one is quite open. Maybe different sponsors can choose different SCOs to cover?
  • SCO relationships: working code
  • Deterministic IDs: working code


Also, I would suggest that we donât formally start the sponsorship period until we get this question resolved, so that sponsors have a better understanding of what is expected.



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