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Subject: Re: [cti] Re: [EXT] Re: [cti] TAXII Pagination Example Text

OK, my use-case is as follows.

I have a sensor that ingests large amounts of data (parsing network logs
/ netflow, passiveDNS, etc). This sensor stores the data in its own
format, with the timestamp being accurate to the second. If I were to
build an interface that responds to TAXII queries for the collector in
front of the sensor, and I were to query this data, I'd be dealing with
large data-sets and I'd want to paginate it.

Unless I set a limit that will probably blow through my memory
limitations, I have no other TAXII-compliant way to paginate the data in
sane chunks without either losing some data (anything beyond the memory
limit's envelope for a given second) or without blowing through my
memory limits.

Best regards,

On 09.09.19 16:00, Bret Jordan wrote:
> Andras,
> Thanks for the question.   TAXII should work well for this use case.  I
> do not see why it would not.   Please keep in mind that the limits we
> were talking about are optional.  So a server / sensor may have no limit
> which lets you pull all records at once.
> The sensor can dynamically add / figure out the date-added values how
> ever it needs to do so.  So I am not sure why this would not work. Can
> you help me understand why you think it will not work?  Or does this
> solve your concerns?

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