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Subject: Sponsor Template Link & Tracking Matrix


During the September meeting we discussed the need for Sponsors to come
forward to develop POC code for SDO & feature completeness and
interoperability. I mentioned that I'd put together a Template for you
all to use for publishing those POC code snippets. Richard also noted
that in lieu of published code snippets an Attestation of functionality
would be sufficient to meet the "Sponsorship" demonstration.Â

Here is a link to the Template:


Note that I developed it for the Course of Action SDO, but that it can
easily be copied and modified for any of the SDOs and/or Features. Once
you establish a new Google Document, please send me the link so I can
put it up on the CTI TC Cover Page (scroll down to page 2). Also note
that there is a placeholder for an Attestation of functionality also in
the Template.Â

I've also put together a matrix for Bret & Emily, Co-Chairs of the STIX
Subcommittee, for tracking the volunteers that step forward to "Sponsor"
an SDO or Feature. If you were not on the September meeting, we need
Sponsors to come forward before the specified date to either Attest to,
or document the completeness, functionality and interoperability of key
SDOs and Features.Â

The time is passing us by...... Please reach out to them directly to let
them know which of the items you will take responsibility for.

Here is the link to the Google Doc.Â


Also, a quick reminder on TAXII 2.1 - We have a Ballot waiting to be
issued as soon as there is one more demonstration of functionality of
the Pagination refactoring.Â

Help us get that moving!!!

Jane Ginn, MSIA, MRP
Secretary, OASIS CTI TC
001 (928) 399-0509

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