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Subject: Two weeks left to register for Borderless Cyber & CyberNext Summit

Dear Members,

You have a few weeks left to register for Borderless Cyber & CyberNext Summit!

Dates/Location: 8-10 October | The National Press Club, Washington, D.C.

OASIS members receive an extra 30% off. Register here with the code 'cnsbc30partnerâ.

Below are a few conference updates for your review. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
Kind regards, Jane



NEW THIS WEEK: Weâre pleased to announce two new conference sponsors. IBM joins us as a Platinum sponsor and EclecticIQ as a Gold sponsor. We thank both organizations for their continued support. A variety of sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact me directly for more information.

xDIR of United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM), Geoff Hancock, CISO of ÂAdvanced Cybersecurity Group and Tony Sager, Senior VP and Chief Evangelist for The Center for Internet Security are among our special featured speakers. View all speakers>

Our final agenda is now available. Together with
The Integrated Adaptive Cyber Defense (IACD)Âand KuppingerCole Analysts, youâll see that our program offers you a great mixture of interactive panel discussions and standalone presentations addressing proactive/reactive threat intelligence automation options, adaptive authentication methods,Âemerging exchange standards for automating cyber threat data, zero trust security,Âmanaging threats with AI, and more.

OASIS CONTENT:Â Updates on our current cybersecurity standards â STIX, TAXII, and OpenC2 are highlighted on the agenda â as well as information on our newest addition CACAO and soon to be announced Cybersecurity Open Project. View agenda>

The agenda features many OASIS membersâincluding representatives from Boeing, EclecticIQ, IBM, Johns Hopkins University APL, LookingGlass, McAfee, Mitre, NC4, New Context, NSA, Palo Alto, sFractal, Symantec, and ThreatConnect. We're grateful to them for sharing their time and expertise with our Borderless Cyber community. Â


Jane Harnad, Manager of Events

+1 781-425-5073 x214 (Office)
+1 703-508-3373 (Mobile)


Upcoming event:
Borderless Cyber USA (co-located with CyberNext Summit):Â

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