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Subject: Fwd: [cti-comment] question about STIX v2.1 section 7.3.2

For anyone not on the cit-comment list.


Begin forwarded message:

From: aa tt <atcyber1000@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: [cti-comment] question about STIX v2.1 section 7.3.2
Date: March 30, 2021 at 1:46:14 PM PDT
To: Mark Finlayson <markaf@fiu.edu>

Mark - I believe you are correct that these examples are incorrectly defined. I suspect copy/paste errors during the final push to get the document out. Apologize on behalf of the TC for this error and THANK YOU for such detailed review.

Here is a Word document (with track changes on to highlight the corrections) with the proposed corrections that the TC should consider fixing in the document.

The TC should check my suggested fixes and incorporate as appropriate.



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On Mar 30, 2021, at 12:44 PM, Mark Finlayson <markaf@fiu.edu> wrote:


In reviewing the STIX Version 2.1 Committee Specification 02, dated 25
Jan 2021, I was confused by the examples provided in section 7.3.2. In
particular, there are 3 examples on pages 209-211. In the second
example, ("Adding properties to an existing STIX object instance",
p210), the id of the definition matches the extension id found in the
extensions dictionary
("extension-definition--d83fce45-ef58-4c6c-a3f4-1fbc32e98c6e") of the
object below. This is what I expected.

However, they extension definition ids do not match in the other two
examples, and unless I am confused they should. In the first example
("create a new object type", p209) the extension definition of
"my-favorite-sdo" has an id of
"extension-definition--a932fcc6-e032-176c-126f-cb970a5a1fff" but then
the object of that type presented just below references the id
"extension-definition--04b2d3ef-d061-4912-ab77-6bbe807a5bd5", which is
different. A search of the document reveals that the second id appears
again on page 291 in Appendix C for the examples, where it actually
matches internally to the example, as I would expect. This makes me
suspect a typo in the first and third examples on pages 209-211.

Can someone confirm or else explain how I am misunderstanding the
specification? I will be much obliged. Best regards,


Mark A. Finlayson, Ph.D.
Eminent Scholar Chaired Associate Professor, FIU KFSCIS, Cognac Lab
Interim Associate Director, FIU KFSCIS
Edison Fellow for AI, USPTO
11200 SW 8th Street, CASE Room 362, Miami, FL 33199
+1.305.348.7988 (office); +1.617.515.0708 (mobile); markaf@fiu.edu

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