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dam-cmis-profile-discuss message

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Subject: Re: Key Objectives For CMIS/DAM

Hi Ralph,

Sorry for the late response. I hope I can answer your questions.

Re 1)
CMIS defines six base types:
-	Document
-	Folder
-	Relationship
-	Policy
-	Item (since CMIS 1.1)
-	Secondary (since CMIS 1.1)

There is no top level Object type in CMIS. All types must be derived from
one of the base types above.
I guess the best match for an Asset would be a CMIS Document. It has
metadata, permissions, and content.

Re 2)
All three bindings, Web Services, AtomPub, and Browser, are equal (with a
few minor differences). The client can pick the binding that works best
for the client.

The Web Services binding makes sense in environments that already have a
Web Services infrastructure. For example, existing authentication and
auditing mechanisms can be reused.
The AtomPub binding is for environments that don¹t have a SOAP stack. It
can be used with an AtomPub library or pure HTTP. It is usually faster
than the Web Services binding and should be preferred.
The Browser binding has been added with CMIS 1.1. It has been designed to
build JavaScript applications that access a CMIS repository directly from
a web browser. It¹s the fastest and most efficient of all bindings and
works also very well for server-to-server communication.

Re 3)
Check http://www.alfresco.com/cmis .



On 10.01.14 14:13, "Ralph Windsor" <ralph@daydream.co.uk> wrote:

>I'm just trying to re-start the CMIS/DAM discussion as things went a bit
>quiet in December.
>Last year we were getting on to how to set up some basic examples. Florian
>provided this link to the CMIS 1.1. examples:
>I was specifically interested in this one:
>Some questions:
>1. What is the difference between Document and Object in CMIS?  I'm trying
>to pick the most appropriate entity to map to an Asset (for DAM purposes).
>It looks like Object, but I'm not sure of where the distinction lies?
>2. Going one level up the examples, is atompub and webservices.  These are
>in XML, the browser stuff is JSON.  What is the use-case for each?
>Presumably if this were server-to-server (as it would be for typical
>interoperability requirements between DAM systems) then webservices would
>used, but is my assumption accurate?
>3. Is there a public implementation of CMIS that can be used to fire
>requests at, or is it a case of installing Apache Chemistry somewhere?  It
>would be good to have a public one for test purposes.  If I have to get
>set up, then it can be done, but it's another hoop to jump through.
>What we're leading to is a series of simple examples that can be used to
>explain to DAM developers how to get assets out of a CMIS-compliant
>From that we can then decide the range of extensions that need to be added
>(if any) to the CMIS spec so it better supports multiple DAM usage
>scenarios, including other standard like PLUS, IPTC etc.  Ultimately, the
>goal is some basic documentation that we can promote to encourage adoption
>and also incorporate into a more formal charter.

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