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Subject: Groups - OASIS DITA Adoption TC meeting modified

Added meeting minutes. 

 -- Mr. Rodolfo Raya

OASIS DITA Adoption TC meeting has been modified by Mr. Rodolfo Raya

Date:  Monday, 29 March 2010
Time:  11:00am - 12:00pm ET

Event Description:
Call-in details (sponsored by IBM):
Toll-free in USA: 888-294-8505
Direct-dial in USA: 213-270-2170
Participant Passcode: 71382177


Present: Briana Wherry, JoAnn Hackos, Don Day, Hal Trent, Kristen Eberlein, Seth Park, Bryan Schnabel, Rodolfo Raya, Troy Klukewich, Chris Goolsby, Paul Grosso, Robin Sloan, Donald Rohmer.

Regrets: Gershon Joseph, Joe Gelb.

JoAnn moved to approve previous minute. Rodolfo seconded and none opposed.

JoAnn started discussing Jarno Elovirtas tool for creating shells. Hal indicated that Jarno also created a structured specialization generator and explained how to use it using GoTomeeting. Hals presentation was recorded for later review.

Paul commented that the program should reference FPI (Formal Public Identifier) instead of PFI.

Hal showed that Jarnos program can generate all files needed for integrating a DTD in the DITA Open Toolkit.

Robin mentioned that the tool is useful and helps fill a void in the marketplace. 

The interface needs some improvements. A tutorial explaining what to do next would be handy. Nevertheless, the tool is useful and very important.

JoAnn mentioned that it would be nice to have it mentioned in dita.xml.org . Don commented that it would help getting feedback for the author.

Don mentioned that additional information is required for teaching users how to integrate the shells generated by Jarnos program with the DITA Open Toolkit. The TC should help in documenting this effort.

Kristen reported that one more round of internal review of DITA 1.2 is required before sending the specification out for public review. The specification will be made available to members of the Adoption TC in a wiki page of the DITA TC.

As Marc Speyer couldnt join the call, his paper will be voted in a future meeting. JoAnn noted that the only thing missing is the copyright page.

JoAnn updated the standard copyright DITA topic in KAVI for reuse in other articles. The new version displays 2010 as copyright year.

The DITA Translation SC forwarded the Acronym article to this TC. The document was completed in 2008 and placed on hold until DITA 1.2 gets released. The article is still in Word format. JoAnn invited everyone to read it for next meeting and provide feedback.

Joe Gelb sent a comment on the Tools and DITA Awareness article. JoAnn requested feedback. The original paper discusses DITA tools and user awareness, but this topic is related to DITA conformance. Members are invited to read Su-Laines draft and provide additional comments.

Call dismissed.

This event is one in a list of recurring events.
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SUMMARY:OASIS DITA Adoption TC meeting
DESCRIPTION:Call-in details (sponsored by IBM):\nToll-free in USA:
  888-294-8505\nDirect-dial in USA: 213-270-2170\nParticipant Passcode:
  71382177\n\nGroup: OASIS DITA Adoption TC\nCreator: Mr. Gershon

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