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Subject: discussion-illustration-20110117.pdf

Hi Michael,


A follow-up (see also the attached PDF) to my remark in this week’s busdocs meeting:


My concern was, that with maps I may arrange topics and sub-topics as it pleases me, while with nesting inside ditabase the subtopics (even if pulled in through conref) are part of the parent topic. On the one hand this turned out to be true, the situation as shown with the two maps cannot be re-built with two ditabase-s. But, if the ditabase is only transient, this is likely not a concern.


There is one situation (bottom drawing) which we can likely not back-transform from ditabase to map easily, but it is exotic and not a practical problem, and even if we keep the “old” map, we can find similar arrangements where the user’s intention remains undecideable.


I think this closes the topic.


Have a nice weekend,




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