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dita-comment message

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Subject: Query on key referencing element's @processing-role

Hi All,


Setting the context for my question, I am copy pasting some text from the specifications.

"The attributes that are common to a key definition element and a key reference element using that key, other than the @keys and @id attributes, are combined as for content references, including the special processing for the @xml:lang, @dir, and @translate attributes."


The keydefs when inserted have the @processing-role set to default "resource-only". When I insert a topicref using the key defined above because of attribute combining the topicref's processing-role would also be set to as "resource-only" which is not what the user's intention might be when inserting this topicref.


Wouldn't it be a right idea to include @processing-role as well to the exclude list of attributes in the attribute combining process.




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