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Subject: Re: "Any number" of elements.

Hi David,


XMetaL should not require any other element preceding <section> in this situation; the fragment you have shown is creatable and valid in my default installation of XMetaL 6.


As an aside, XMetaL 6 came out before DITA 1.2 and therefore includes only the DITA 1.1 DTDs (unless you also have an add-on set of files we called the "DITA 1.2 Configuration Kit", in which case you would indeed have the 1.2 DTDs). But the content model for <conbody> was (as far as the current question is concerned) effectively the same in 1.1 as it is in 1.2 -- it's OK to have just a <section>.


If you'd like to drop me a note offline, I'd be happy to help you figure out why your XMetaL is behaving differently.





On 1/23/14, 10:09 PM, "Blyth, David" <dblyth@qti.qualcomm.com> wrote:


> If “any number” means “Zero and up”, then I should be able to insert a section immediately following a conbody.  That is...


> <conbody>

>    <section>

>       <p></p>

>    </section>

> </conbody>


> ....because the <dl/>, <parml/> and other elements listed would be optional.  However, this is not possible in either Frame 11 or XMetaL 6.  Both tools require some pre-existing element in the list.


> If “any number” means “One and up”, then I would be required to end a conbody with a section (or example).  However, both Frame 11 and XMetaL 6 allow me to terminate the conbody without one.


> The tool behavior seems inconsistent.  But regardless and ignoring the tool behavior, what is the formal definition of DITA on this point?  Can I start a conbody with “section” (or example), must I end a conbody with “section” (or example) or am I just completely out to lunch?


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