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Subject: Subversion Repository for DITA Help Technologies Guide

Greetings colleagues

At this week's DHSC meeting, I committed to checking to see whether the
Adoption TC had a Subversion repository, with the view that it could be uses
for collaboration on the revamped Technologies Guide. We are proposing that
the Guide will be transferred across to the new DITA Adoption Help
Subcommittee (DAHSC), which is in the formation process.

The SVN address is: 
and the Web (read only) interface is:

I suggest the DHTG should be a new top level folder.

Speaking of the DAHSC, you will receive an e-mail in the near future
inviting you to join the DAHSC. You must be a member of the DITA Adoption TC
in order to join the DAHSC, so please sign up to join the Adoption TC when
you have a spare moment. The instructions for joining are at:

Kind regards

Tony Self

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