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Subject: Values for yield-to-topic

Greetings, colleagues

Robert Anderson has come up with some suggestions about the CSH proposal in
its revised form (actually, his comments would also have applied if we had a
separate ua-context element).

Anyway, Robert has pointed out that a boolean yes/no value in yield-to-topic
may not be detailed enough to cater for a scenario where you wanted to use
the topic context hooks unless there was a conflict, in which case you
wanted to use those in the map. Or if there was a conflict (same
context-id), you may want to include both the context from the map AND the

Robert saw the potential values as 1. Use values from both 2. Ignore all
resourceid's in the map and use those in the topic
2.5 Opposite - ignore all those in the topic and let the map override 3.
Ignore those in the map that conflict (same appname), but use the rest
3.5 Opposite of 3, ignore those in the topic that conflict.

I think we should change the attribute name to just "yield", and suggest
valid values of use-both, ignore-map, ignore-topic, for-conflict-ignore-map,
and for-topic-ignore-topic.

Could you have a think about this before next Monday's meeting, and either
share your supports through the mailing list, or bring them along to the

Best regards

Tony Self

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